The ARMADA™ 610 processor is Marvell's next generation application processor that is designed for mainstream Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), connected consumer products, eReaders, eBooks, tablets, media players and new personal information appliances. Featuring a gigahertz-class CPU, integrated full HD 1080p encode and decode, an integrated ISP capable of 16MP image captures, an integrated audio processing engine for extremely low power audio playback and exceptional high quality sound, an integrated EPD display controller and advanced 3D graphics, the ARMADA 610 delivers the best combination of fast, PC-caliber processing, an uncompromised Internet experience all in the lightweight form factors with extended battery life consumers are looking for.

The ARMADA 610 is based on a 1GHz Marvell-designed ARM v7-compatible CPU offering best-in-class performance for the most demanding software applications. An integrated 3D engine renders 45M triangles-per-second via a complete floating point pipeline and unified vertex and fragment/pixel shading for an immersive gameplay experience with the ability to drive the latest in 3D enabled user interfaces. The ARMADA 610 supports industry standard APIs – ensuring complete compatibility with the most hotly anticipated mobile game titles and easy porting of 3D enabled applications and user interfaces.

The ARMADA 610 features Marvell’s award-winning Qdeo™ technology with an integrated video accelerator that can seamlessly encode and decode 1080p video at 30fps. In addition, the ARMADA 610 incorporates a complete Image Signal Processor which can capture high resolution color pictures up to 16MP as well as stream 1080p video at 30fps. The ARMADA 610 integrates a high performance, low power EPD display controller. By integrating the controller, the ARMADA 610 can drive EPD displays at up to 5x the speed of software based or external EPD display controllers. This enables applications, such as HD IP cameras, full HD camcorders and HD video playback, and high performance eReaders which do not suffer from page turn lag, that were previously impossible for this class of device.

Block Diagram

Figure 1: System Development Board Block Diagram


The Marvell ARMADA 610 platform offers a compact development platform for creating ARMADA 610 based mainstream Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), connected consumer products, eReaders, eBooks, tablets, media players and new personal information appliances. The platform demonstrates the ARMADA 610’s high performance, low power operation in a compact form factor that is easy for developers to use with powerful expansion options for adding more platform capabilities.

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