PXA Family

The PXA family of application processors is designed to maximize customers' return on their development investment through architectural compatibility that enables software reuse across the entire product family.

PXA3xx Application Processors

  • The PXA320 offers power-efficient scalable performance to 806 MHz and enables outstanding computer and video performance for high-end, multimedia cell phones and PDAs, industrial embedded solutions and enterprise-class devices.
  • The PXA310 is a cost-effective solution with up to 806 MHz power-efficient compute performance, hardware video acceleration and hardware-based security with exceptional battery life.
  • The PXA300 mobile processor, with scalable performance to 624 MHz and video performance capabilities, enables the development of cost-efficient smartphones, industrial embedded solutions and handheld devices such as GPS.

PXA27x Application Processors

  • Scalable, general-purpose processing up to 624 MHz and a 32-bit memory interface for rich end-user applications, such as browsing Web content or streaming video.
  • Dynamic CPU frequency and voltage scaling for MIPs/mW power efficiency, delivering long battery life and enabling consumers to spend more time enjoying the rich features their devices and service providers offer.
  • WMMX accelerating technology, a 2D graphics accelerator and a 256 KB frame buffer designed to support VGA resolution streaming video, enhances the user's experience of popular usage models like video playback, video conferencing, camcorder functionality, video telephony, and digital TV.
  • Integrated hardware security/DRM processing and acceleration.
  • An enhanced set of peripherals eases connectivity to technologies like Wi-Fi, WiBro, WiMAX, and Bluetooth v2.0 and support for camera sensors up to 1.3 megapixels.

PXA3xx Product Documentation

PXA27x Product Documentation

Additional Information

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