Galileo Technology Announces Availability Of The First Single-Chip Fast Ethernet And Vg-Anylan Switch ICS

San Jose, California (September 16, 1995) –

 Galileo Technology unveiled today the first multi-port 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet switch integrated into a single chip: the GT-48002. The GT-48002 Switched Fast Ethernet Controller provides full wire speed switching for networks based on 100Base-TX, 100Base-T4 or 100Base-FL media. The GT-48002 integrates Galileo's revolutionary GalNet™ Architecture which offers industry-leading scalability and performance. The GT-48002, available now, will be complemented in the coming weeks by the GT-48003 which provides switching for 100-Mbps VG-AnyLAN based networks.

All of Galileo's family of GalNet Architecture products can be connected "gluelessly" via the industry standard PCI bus to build a wide array of Ethernet switching systems. This includes the well received GT-48001 8-Port Switched Ethernet Controller.

"The GalNet Architecture is a breakthrough in performance, time-to-market, and cost-reduction for Ethernet switch OEMs," said Manuel Alba, Galileo's president. "The GT-48002 provides our current GalNet Architecture customers seamless connectivity to Fast Ethernet. In addition, the GT-48002 and GT-48003 may be used as building blocks for designing pure 100-Mbps switches and bridges."

The GT-48002 Design

The GT-48002 integrates two full-duplex 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet Controllers (MACs), a full wire-speed switching engine, memory controller, and hardware network management support into a low-cost integrated circuit. The GT-48002 uses a patented address recognition algorithm that eliminates the need for SRAM or extremely expensive content addressable memories (CAMs) and wrings the same performance from simple, inexpensive EDO DRAM.>/p>

Unlike other Ethernet switch ICs, the GT-48002 can recognize more than 8000 distinct Ethernet addresses. This capability allows the GT-48002 to manage the traffic for entire network segments, not just individual workstations or PCs.

Support for the popular RMON remote network management standard is built in to the GT-48002. Special hardware counters and packet sampling capabilities make implementing an RMON capable switch straightforward. In addition, the GT-48002 incorporates a unique statistical packet sampling technology that will significantly reduce CPU performance requirements in next generation managed switches.

"The statistical sampling built into the GT-48002 can be used to provide information very similar to that provided by RMON at a fraction of the cost", said Mitch Kahn, Galileo director of marketing. "The cost of implementing RMON on every segment in a switch is prohibitive and, in most cases, overkill. What is needed is a technology that can show you the `hot spots' in a large network without needing the excessive CPU horsepower RMON requires inside the switch. Once hot-spots are found, dedicated RMON devices can then be used to help diagnose more insidious problems." Details on this new capability will be forthcoming over the next few weeks.

VG-AnyLAN Support

The GT-48003 Switched 100VG-AnyLAN Controller is a virtual twin of the GT-48002 device but offers full-wire-speed switching between two 100VG-AnyLAN ports and the GalNet expansion bus.

"We believe strongly that 100VG is an important networking technology that will continue to enjoy significant growth," Kahn said. "VG-AnyLAN has advantages for applications that require guaranteed quality-of-service such as multimedia and video-on-demand. As these types of LAN applications evolve due to advanced intranet systems, VG-AnyLAN will be there to provide the performance."

About the GalNet Ethernet Switch Family

The GT-48002 is the second product to include Galileo's innovative GalNet Architecture. GalNet simplifies the design of data communications switches by employing the industry standard PCI bus for interchip communication, as well as a proprietary messaging protocol to share information and packet data between switches. For example, designing a 16-port Ethernet switch with two Fast Ethernet uplinks is as simple as connecting the PCI interfaces of two GT-48001 devices together with a single GT-48002, and adding a small amount of DRAM.

The GalNet Architecture provides industry-leading scalability and very high-performance. By choosing PCI as the switch "backplane" Galileo has ensured bandwidth scalability from 1Gbps up to 4Gbps per PCI segment. The GalNet messaging protocol uses a unique "write only" technique that guarantees maximum use of the PCI bus bandwidth. Another key benefit of using PCI as the switch backplane is the ability to mix and match off-the-shelf networking components from third parties, such as ATM adapters and WAN controllers.

Price and Availability

The GT-48002 has been sampling to Beta sites since late August and general samples of the GT-48002 for new customers will be available in October. A fully functional GT-48002/GT-48001 switch will be shown at Networld + Interop this week in Atlanta. The GT-48002 is priced at $72 in 10,000 unit quantities.

The GT-48003 will be sampling in November. The price for the GT-48003 has not yet been announced.

About Galileo Technology

Galileo Technology, inventor of the single-chip Ethernet switch, is one of the networking industry's fastest growing suppliers of complex, high-performance, integrated circuit devices. Recently honored by Upside Magazine as one of the top 100 hottest private companies, Galileo was founded in 1993 as a fabless semiconductor company. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Galileo employees 55 professionals worldwide with offices in Israel, New England and Europe. Galileo's OEM customers include most of the top OEMs in the internetworking market. For more information on Galileo, call 1 (408) 451-1400 or visit our web site at