Galileo Announces Low Cost Fast Ethernet Switch Solution For Dual-Speed Repeaters

San Jose, California (February 23, 1996) –

Galileo Technology (NASDAQ: GALT) today announced the GT-48006, a two-port Fast Ethernet switch IC designed to support the cost-sensitive dual-speed repeater market. As the newest member of its GalNet™ family of switched Ethernet controllers, the GT-48006 is a complement to Galileo's popular GT-48002A (two-port Fast Ethernet switch with PCI) with features tailored to the needs of the hub/repeater market.

Perfect Fit for Dual-Speed Repeaters

Current repeaters only support 10Mbps Ethernet or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet, but not both. This creates two problems for MIS managers who want to integrate their 10Mbps and 100Mbps networks. First, they need to add a two-port switch to their network to handle switching between 10M bit and 100M bit domains. Second, MIS managers will expend considerable manpower to physically move connections of clients who upgrade from 10Mbps to 100Mbps NICs. A dual-speed hub eliminates both these problems by integrating the switching function, and auto-negotiating between 10Mbps Ethernet and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet.

"The GT-48006 provides the ideal cost and space solution for dual-speed repeaters," stated Barry Gray, Galileo's business unit director for communication products. "The key was to provide a low-cost, high-performance bridge which would also be simple to design-in, yielding a fast time to market situation for our customers. The GT-48006 satisfies all these concerns and is frankly, a perfect fit for this application."

Right Feature Set for Cost-Sensitive Applications

The GT-48006 supports wire-speed transfers between its two Fast Ethernet ports, along with the following features:

IEEE-standard MII interface to Fast Ethernet physical interface or repeater chips;

Large packet buffers for transferring data between 100Mbps and 10Mbps domains;

Uses low cost DRAM for 1Mbyte or 2Mbyte packet buffers;

Fixed or dynamic buffer allocation optimized for dual-speed repeaters;

Automatic learning for 8K addresses;

LED control for status information display;

Low power 3.3v technology;

Small footprint 100 pin PQFP.

"Dual-speed repeaters offer a seamless, plug and play upgrade path for network managers who want to integrate 10Mbps and 100Mbps LANs. Galileo's GT-48006 is a perfect switch chip to use with 10/100 repeater chips like Level One's LXT98x family to design a low cost, high-performance solution," said Sam Liang, executive vice president of D-Link.

Other Applications Possible

The GT-48006 also enables low cost, high-performance designs for two-port bridges, media converters and network radius extenders.

Pricing and Availability

Galileo's GT-48006-P is priced at $25 in 10,000 piece quantities, is packaged in a 100-pin plastic quad flat pack and is available now for production orders.

About Galileo Technology

Galileo Technology (Nasdaq: GALTF), a market leader in complex data communications systems on silicon, is one of the semiconductor industry's fastest growing suppliers of complex, high-performance, integrated circuit devices. Galileo's products include single-chip Ethernet switches, high-performance system controllers for RISC processors and WAN coprocessors. Galileo's products form the heart of many advanced data communications systems built by leading OEMs, such as Bay Networks, Cisco Systems, D-Link, and Hewlett Packard.

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