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Chip Advances Play Big Role in Cloud

Semiconductor engineering teams have been collaborating with key players in the data center ecosystem in recent years, resulting in unforeseen and substantial changes in how data centers are architected and built. ... More

Hands-on ESPRESSObin: a Gateway for Under $50

Boards like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black are great for experimentation but often require significant additions to tackle network gateway applications. Finding low-cost... More

Marvell Aims To Enable 25 GbE Adoption

For data center networking, the 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) standard serves an important role, offering more bandwidth than legacy 10 GbE, but with less complexity and cost than 40 or 100 GbE. ... More

Marvell ICs Ease Data Center Path To 25G

Marvell Technology has announced a set of Ethernet switches and transceivers designed to help data center operators move to 25 Gigabit Ethernet. ... More

State-Of-The-Art Standards:
Like so many of the networking standards we cover in this space, is a standard that started out as an ITU-T (International Telecommunication Standardization Sector) project... More

Focus Shifts To Architectures

Chipmakers increasingly are relying on architectural and micro-architectural changes as the best hope for improving power and performance across a spectrum of markets, process nodes and price points... More

Stepping Back From Scaling

Architectures, packaging and software are becoming core areas for semiconductor research and development, setting the stage for a series of shifts that will impact a large swath of the semiconductor industry... More

Centralized ADAS Central To Autonomous Driving

…Ethernet-based solutions from vendors such as Marvell Semiconductor and Valens Semiconductor are well-positioned to meet the needs of high bandwidth and stringent automotive-grade requirements at a low cost... More

Marvell Announces NVMe Controller For DRAM-Less PCIe 3.0 x2 SSDs

Marvell has announced its new controller for affordable and miniature SSDs, the 88NV1160. The chip can be used to build small form-factor SSDs in M.2 as well as BGA packages... More

DRAM-less SSD Controller Delivers Up To 1600MB/s Read Speeds

Marvell has expanded its solid-state drive (SSD) portfolio to include the 88NV1160 Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Express DRAM-less SSD controller. Marvell’s 88NV1160 DRAM-less SSD controller provides the industry’s leading performance per watt and up to 1600MB/s... More

Marvell Announces 88NV1160 NVMe DRAM-less SSD Controller

Marvell, a world leader in storage, cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity and multimedia semiconductor solutions, today announced the expansion of its solid-state drive (SSD) portfolio to include the 88NV1160 Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Express... More

Is Security A Priority?

Ask any two executives in the semiconductor industry about security threats and there is a good chance you will get two totally different answers. The disturbing part is they both may be right... More

Automotive-Grade Ethernet Maximizes Bandwidth, Minimizes Packet Loss For Connected And Autonomous Cars

Today, automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers are looking to harness the low cost and high bandwidth of Ethernet through evolving IEEE standards that help improve the networking technology’s determinism and reliability, as Alex Tan, Senior Product... More

Get To Know is a topic that we’re working on for a future feature, and because the networking standard is relatively unfamiliar, we thought it’d be a good idea to provide you with a brief primer... More

Rethinking The Sensor

Sensor technology is beginning to change on a fundamental level as companies begin looking beyond a human’s five senses, on which early sensors were modeled, to what can be done with those sensors for specific applications. …“if a sensor is always on,... More

White box switches and hyperconvergence aid data center networks now

White box switches and hyperconvergence are two upgrades that can breathe new life into your data center network. Learn what they are and how to make them work for you... More

ARM and Marvell develop ARMADA networking board

ARM and Marvell have developed the ARMADA 8040 networking community board, targeting OpenDataPlane (ODP), OpenFastPath (OFP) and ARM network functions virtualization (NFV) ecosystem communities... More

Korea Telecom Uses Marvell’s Chip to Develop 1 Gbps Broadband over All Existing Wires in MDUs

Remember when chipmaker Marvell landed a deal with Korea Telecom (KT) to use adapters with its chips to connect an MDU’s incoming fiber to each residence?... More

Marvell’s IAP Family Gets A New Addition

Marvell's IoT Application Processor (IAP) family gets a new addition, the IAP220 (see figure). Its integrated sensor hub extends battery life by allowing the host to sleep while sensor information is read and analyzed... More

A Deeper Look at Marvell's MoChi Technology

This past year, Marvell Technology introduced its MOdular CHIp (MoChi) technology as the answer to the costly, complex system-on-chip (SoC) implementation. I talked with Dr. John Shin, Vice President at Marvell, about ... More

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