Kirkwood - Applications

Digital Home Media Server

The Kirkwood 88F6281 is the SoC of choice for the design of complex applications, like digital home media servers, because of its extensive I/O integration, low power consumption, and high performance. The 88F6281 integrates several I/O peripherals, resulting in a smaller, simpler board design with lower manufacturing cost. The 88F6281 allows direct integration of wireless chipsets, USB peripherals, VoIP devices, hard disks, and other components that are required for digital home media server products. The crossbar architecture ensures high system performance by minimizing data latency and provides equitable servicing of integrated interfaces.

Home Gateways/Access Points

Home Gateways/Access Points demand high levels of integration, compact sizes, and low power. The 88F6180 integrates all required I/O peripherals for these applications resulting in a smaller, simpler board design with lower manufacturing cost. With a compact 13x13mm package and running at 800 MHz, this device is the highest performing SoC in its class. The GbE port, in conjunction with a switch and the wireless interface, allows several wired and wireless computers to directly share a broadband connection.

Network Storage

Leveraging Marvell’s extensive storage experience, the Kirkwood Series of SoCs is the top choice for four-bay, two-bay, and single-bay NAS applications. These SoCs integrate all necessary I/O peripherals for a high throughput, compact, and low power NAS solutions. The on-chip security engine provides hardware acceleration to encrypt data. The crossbar architecture ensures high system performance when multiple interfaces are being accessed at the same time. The multiple GbE interfaces allow fast reading and writing of data from the hard disk in conjunction with a high performance SATA 2.0 interface.

Plug Computers

In the plug computing model, network-based software services from a laptop or desktop computer are simply moved to a more efficient device that can be left “always-on.” The Kirkwood Series offers a highly integrated, high performance, low power solution for this plug computer.

Marvell offers production-ready reference designs for plug computers. Visit for available products.

Point of Services Terminal

Data security is paramount in point of service transactions. The on-chip security engine in the 88F6281 provides hardware acceleration for multiple encryption and authentication protocols to secure point of service transactions. In addition, the 88F6281 integrates several I/O peripherals and eliminates the need for a south bridge, required with most other chipsets. Other common components such as USB peripherals (printers, keyboards, cash registers, and credit card processing devices) and hard disks can be supported by this SoC. The PCI-e interface provides system designers the flexibility and expansion to add external LCD controllers of various display resolutions.

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Additional Information

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