Committed to Sustainability

The Marvell community takes an active role in practicing sustainability and developing innovative, low-power technologies.


Green Community

As one of the world's largest fabless semiconductor companies, Marvell recognizes its responsibility to promote solutions for the planet's most pressing environmental issues. Together with our customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders, we're determined to be a force for sustainability around the globe.

Our sustainable initiatives strives to offer industry leadership, environmental engineering, and an eco-friendly workplace. Our ultimate goal is to create a cleaner future for the global community by actively contributing our time and technology to help solve the environmental crisis.

Working for the World

Marvell is committed to saving energy and reducing the world's carbon footprint. Through a series of events we highlight our sustainable products and operational initiatives and demonstrate to our employees how they can contribute to creating a healthier planet-at work and at home. And our employees are doing their part: taking alternative modes of transportation to work, using teleconference whenever possible, being selective about what to print, and remembering to turn off lights and power down.

A Record of Green Achievement

Marvell and our employees have a long history of applying skills and expertise to help address some of the greatest environmental challenges. In 2005 we began an energy-savings program to substantially reduce energy consumption at our U.S. headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Since implementing the program we've been recognized by Silicon Valley Power, a leading utility, for our groundbreaking efforts.

Here are other ways Marvell contributes to a healthier planet:

  • Marvell Smart Technology: Marvell was the first to market with a DSP-based power factor correction controller for AC-DC power supplies designed to significantly cut PC energy use and reduce emissions.
  • Marvell is an active member of several key industry organizations in support of global initiatives, including the Global Semiconductor Association and the Semiconductor Industry Association

Our other involvements include:

  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group: An organization of principal officers and senior managers of member companies that works with local, regional, state, and federal officials to address major public policy issues affecting the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley.
  • U.S.-China Green Energy Council: A cooperative effort to facilitate and sponsor high-impact green-energy collaborative initiatives and projects between the U.S. and China. The group serves as a platform for the integration of policy, business, investment, research, and educational projects in the two countries.

Environmental Initiatives

Featured White Paper

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Smart Energy

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