G.hn Chipset

The Marvell G.hn chipsets family helps the connected home realize optimal network performance over any wired medium including powerline, coaxial cable, phoneline/twisted pair and plastic optical fiber. Offering full home connectivity at 1 Gbps and 2 Gbps PHY rates, Marvell’s G.hn chipsets represent an ideal solution for wireline distribution of bandwidth-intensive and real-time applications like HD-IPTV, VoIP, gaming, video surveillance, multi-room DVR, and more. The new 2Gbps chipset offers support for the new ITU-T G.hn 200MHz channel bandwidth, allowing for higher data transmission rates through the multitude of supported connections that G.hn already offers. Marvell’s 2 Gbps G.hn chipsets will enable vendors to build a new generation of solutions for wired IPTV delivery and 802.11ac extenders that will double the throughput and increase the range of existing products. 

Key Features and Benefits

chipsets Marvell’s 88LX5153 digital baseband processor and Marvell’s 88LX2730 analog front-end chipsets are fully ITU-T G.hn standard compliant, enabling system vendors to develop 100% interoperable solutions:
  • 2 Gbps PHY rate
  • Chipset size fits easily into an SFP along with its low power consumption
  • Powerline, coax, phone line and POF in a single technology, reducing overall cost and time to market
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.9960/61/62/63/64 (including 200MHz coax and 100MHz MIMO powerline band plans)
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.9979 and IEEE 1905.1a
  • Compliant with Broadband Forum TR-069
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.1 and IEEE 802.3
  • SDK available for vendors that need to customize firmware operation
  • Available in both Commercial and Industrial grade
  • Fully interoperable with previous generation of 1 Gbps G.hn products
88LX3142 Marvell’s 88LX3142 digital baseband processor and Marvell’s 88LX2718 baseband analog front-end chipsets are ITU-T G.hn standard based and certified at HomeGrid Forum’s accredited test houses.
  • 1 Gbps PHY rate
  • Powerline, coax, phone line and POF in a single technology, reducing overall cost and time to market
  • Supports ITU-T G.9960 (PHY), G.9961 (MAC) and G.9964 (PSD) specifications
  • Data transmission rates at more than four times that of legacy systems
  • Co-existence with other technologies (HomePlug Powerline, VDSL)
  • Interoperability with any G.hn baseband band plans (25, 50, 100 MHz)
  • Robust communication mode for high noise environments
  • Optimized performance in high density MDUs and neighboring networks interference mitigation
  • Integrated power saving
  • Available in commercial grade
Designed for Mixed Packet Networks (HD Video, Voice, and Data) for service providers and consumer applications, Marvell's G.hn chipsets and firmware API enable broad customization for high-end applications.

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Marvell is a board member of the HomeGrid Forum, a collaborative effort by leading companies in the multimedia networking industry supporting the deployment of ITU-T G.hn standardization.

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