In-Home Networking

Consumers are fueling the need for greater home network bandwidth requirements such as 4K HD TV. The consumer’s desire to seamlessly share applications across a growing number of digital and energy management devices makes in-home networking critical in terms of high bandwidth and reliable service. Wireline networking is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to meet this market demand, offering a comprehensive broadband solution that optimizes networking over existing power, coaxial cable, phone lines, POF and Cat5 cabling. Wireline can also help extend the Wireless networks by traversing the bandwidth requirements over existing consumer wiring without diminishing the integrity of the speeds needed to extend the Wireless foot print. The advantages of Wireline’s plug and play ease of use combined with Wireless’ ability to roam freely within a home make the next generation digital experience essential for having the ability to handle high bandwidth.

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Marvell is a board member of the HomeGrid Forum, a collaborative effort by leading companies in the multimedia networking industry supporting the deployment of ITU-T standardization.

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