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Kinoma hardware products and software solutions are designed to take connected device ideas to prototype and production. Developers adopt the Kinoma platform to build IoT products in JavaScript, and to make those connected devices evolve faster with end-user scriptable enhancements. 

The platform is open source, so developers can customize Kinoma software across their product ecosystem, use preferred hardware components and cloud services, and do more with the products they create.

Kinoma is leading the way in scripting for embedded systems, and making an entire product category more accessible to a wider pool of developers.


KinomaJS is an open source runtime environment optimized for delivering applications on a wide range of IoT and consumer electronics products. With KinomaJS, developers can build embedded device applications using JavaScript. KinomaJS is well documented, and is continuously evolving with IoT industry advances. XS6 is a true native JavaScript 6th Edition engine created by the Kinoma team for KinomaJS.

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Kinoma Element

Kinoma Element is the palm-sized IoT kit for developing production-ready embedded devices. With 16 programmable-pins, Kinoma Element is endlessly configurable to the ideas of makers and product developers. Connectivity is central to the design of Kinoma Element, with Wi-Fi g/n integrated into the microcontroller, which also reduces the device’s size and power consumption. The 200 MHz ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller in Kinoma Element saves RAM by using XIP to run native ARM and JavaScript code directly from flash memory.

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Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is the JavaScript-powered device with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, speaker, microphone, and an 800 MHz Marvell ARM SoC. The device includes Bluetooth LE, ANCS, and 802.11b/g/n/ac support; a custom and more modern Linux distribution; and, doubling of flash memory. It is also the first device ever to ship with JavaScript 6th Edition at its foundation. Kinoma Create is now primed for an expanded range of uses by embedded developers, while keeping hardware exploration fun for makers.

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Kinoma Code

Kinoma Code is the new Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) to script apps for Kinoma Element and Kinoma Create. Documentation and over 100 sample projects are built in to kick-start projects and learn Kinoma APIs. Kinoma hardware simulators allow development using virtual devices and sensors. Kinoma Code integrates tools not usually found in an IDE. Developers can configure Wi-Fi, reprogram hardware pins, update firmware, and scan network devices. Kinoma Code was built in ES6 on KinomaJS, the same software developers use to build their Kinoma JS apps.

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KinomaJS Blocks

With the visual programming tool KinomaJS Blocks, users write KinomaJS code by plugging blocks together. Developers use KinomaJS Blocks as a way to learn JavaScript for hardware, and to become familiar with KinomaJS APIs. KinomaJS Blocks has been expanded to give developers the ability to target Kinoma Element, as well as Kinoma Create, with the JavaScript code they generate.

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  • Kinoma Create is available for $149.95 in the US through the Kinoma Store, and in other locations through SparkFun.
  • Kinoma Element can be reserved through the Kinoma Store.