Kinoma Connect

Connect Smart TVs, Speakers, and other DLNA Devices.


Meet Kinoma

Kinoma’s open source software platform is optimized for connected, high-performance consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Build rich consumer experiences that orchestrate devices, their mobile companion apps, and cloud services.

Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is the JavaScript-powered construction kit for building Internet of Things projects and prototyping consumer electronics. Kinoma Create helps software developers become makers, makers tackle projects with less hassle, and designers prototype products faster. Kinoma Create includes everything needed to start creating connected consumer electronics and their companion apps. Kinoma Studio is the development environment for Kinoma Create.

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Kinoma Studio

Kinoma Studio is the development environment for the Kinoma Platform Runtime (KPR). Kinoma Studio includes the Kinoma Create simulator to speed development, a wireless debugger to eliminate cables, and application packagers for iOS and Android to build mobile apps with KPR that interact with Kinoma Create prototypes.

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Kinoma Connect

Connecting phone and tablet-based media to DLNA devices in the home has been cumbersome until now. By enabling the ability to stream video, music, podcasts, and photos to smart TVs and connected speakers that support DLNA, Kinoma Connect simplifies the process and lives up to the user expectations that electronic devices work together in their home.

Kinoma Connect is available free for download for iOS and Android, and works on both phones and tablets.

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About the Kinoma Team

Marvell's Kinoma team is a tightly integrated group of designers and engineers focused on creating consumer electronics products, and tools that help others rapidly prototype and create products themselves. With a passion for creating innovative consumer products that improve people’s lives, the Kinoma team sees new ways technology and great design can elevate everyday experiences to be truly meaningful and impactful.

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