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Deep Dimming Single Stage AC/DC LED Driver IC


The Marvell solution for the retrofit residential market is based on Marvell 88EM8183, a deep dimming single stage AC/DC LED driver integrated circuit (IC). The 88EM8183 delivers full range dimming with programmable deep dimming down to 1% and the highest compatibility with all types of phase-cut dimmers including leading-edge (TRIAC), trailing-edge and special (smart) dimmers worldwide. It also significantly reduces external components hence needs less board space than other dimmable LED drivers on the market allowing lighting OEMs and ODMs to bring LED lighting to most lighting form factors. The IC also delivers high power factor, high efficiency and low total harmonic distortion. Delivering the same high performance metrics as the 88EM8183, the 88EM8182 supports non-dimming applications.


  • A deep dimming single-stage AC/DC constant current controller, designed for offline dimmable LED lighting applications.
  • Delivers down 1% deep dimming and the highest compatibility with a wide range of wall box (TRIAC) dimmers.
  • The embedded digital core and analog circuit manages dimmer load requirements and thereby eliminates the need to use external bleeder circuits.
  • Integrates a high voltage start up power supply circuit, hence eliminates the usage of external start up circuits.
  • With its high level of integration, the 88EM8183 significantly reduces the external components required for a dimmable LED driver to 50% fewer competitive solutions. This dramatic reduction in component count produces a small form-factor PCB enabling LED lighting adoption in cost and space challenged applications such as retrofit lamps.

Target Applications

The Marvell 88EM8183 is ideally suited for the following LED lighting applications:
  • Retrofit A19, GU-10, PAR and BR lamps
  • Downlight, recess, troffer, and panel lighting
  • LED modules

Top 10 Award Winner

EPC Award

The superior cost efficiency of the Marvell 88EM8183 chip recently recently won it a Best Application Award of the Top 10 Power Products from Electronic Products China. EPC is one of China's main periodicals in the electronics and power industries.

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