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Smart Wireless Lighting Platform

The Marvell Smart Wireless Lighting Platform was designed for commercial lighting applications that comply with the ZigBee Light Link global standard that was developed for the wireless control of LED lights and fixtures. This smart solution is built around turn-key LED driver reference designs featuring innovative LED driver ICs and ZigBee PRO software stack. A Wi-Fi ZigBee Gateway that supplies IP network connectivity via 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and 802.3 (Ethernet), in conjunction with the ZigBee software provides a complete, wireless networked lighting control solution. Additionally, the Marvell Kinoma LED Lighting user interface enables the development of applications for lighting control with smart phones and tablets.

The Marvell Smart Wireless Lighting Platform is made up of four components:

  1. LED driver reference designs with modular ZigBee connectivity
  2. Wi-Fi/ZigBee wireless gateway
  3. ZigBee PRO software
  4. Kinoma User Interface
Zigbee Smart Lighting Platform

LED Driver Electronics Reference Designs

Marvell offers a family of external LED driver solutions for low cost, high quality commercial LED lighting that integrate smart lighting control. These external LED drivers deliver deep dimming capability that is compatible with wall box dimmers available in North American, European and Asian markets (Class 1 and Class 2).

Marvell ZigBee Module

The ZigBee module, which connects to the LED driver board, provides a control interface via the DALI protocol. The DALI module features the Marvell 88MZ100 microcontroller system-on-chip (SoC) that offers unparalleled advantages wireless LED lighting control. Delivering the industry’s highest level of integration, the 88MZ100 significantly improves performance, lowers power consumption, and reduces the total bill of materials.

ZigBee Gateway

The gateway acts as a wireless point of integration with modern Building Management Systems that are based on ZigBee enabling wireless control of LED Lighting systems The combination of Marvell’s industry leading 88W8782 Wi-Fi chip, ARMADA® 88AP166 applications processors and its 88MZ100 ZigBee SoC solution provides an integrated, wireless control interface. The platform has adequate processing power, as well as NAND and DDR storage to enable a wide range of controller applications and OEM value add features.

ZigBee Software

Marvell ZigBee PRO software supports the ZigBee standard for wireless low-energy consumption communication. The ZigBee PRO software stack supplies mesh networking which interconnects nodes. It is the intelligence in the Marvell ZigBee Wi-Fi architecture, interfacing with the Marvell 88AP166 application processor which controls the 88W8782 Wi-Fi processor.

Marvell is working in partnership with multiple 3rd party ZigBee application software and system providers to enable turn-key wireless lighting control systems for its OEM customers.

Gateway Software - Marvell’s gateway software includes embedded Linux OS and Marvell EZ-Connect Software Features. The embedded Linux OS software support includes basic embedded Linux OS, DHCP client-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi interface, WPS provisioning to connect to Application Protocol (AP), ZigBee Pro coordinator and Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi Direct support. Marvell EZ-Connect software features service discovery, web-services framework and firmware upgrade over the air, for an easy-to-use end user solution.

Kinoma User Interface

Kinoma, an open-source software platform, again proves it flexibility as the foundation for a variety of developer innovations. Already at the core of an array of digital user experiences executed from handhelds and smart appliances, Marvell now offers Kinoma as a LED lighting software interface. Doing this makes it simpler to design an LED lighting solution where the user can control dimming, color correlated temperature (CCT) control, zoning and scheduling, all from the convenience of a PC, tablet or smart phone.

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