ARMADA 1500 Mini

A Multi-Screen Solution for the Next Generation of Smart Home Entertainment.

ARMADA 1500 Mini

Armada 1500-mini thumb

Marvell’s revolutionary ARMADA 1500 Mini solution (88DE3005) is an innovative and cost effective multi-screen solution designed to provide instantaneous and seamless access to YouTube, Netflix, and other cloud based content on devices including Google’s Chromecast. Optimized to support 1080p content, it has a high security grade that enables multiple DRM solutions like Verimatrix, Widevine and Playready.

Additionally, the ARMADA 1500 Mini implements sophisticated high quality audio, video, and graphics capabilities, while being extremely energy efficient because the platform facilitates form factors, such as a dongle, that are USB powered.

Set up is hassle free and doesn’t require any extra cables and plugs straight into any TV HDMI port transforming any screen into a smart and immersive entertainment platform.