Armada 1500 Pro 4K

Enabling the Ultra HD Video Revolution.

ARMADA 1500 PRO 4K / 88DE3214

2015 TV Connect Awards Over the next few years service operators will be preparing their networks for a 4K video revolution. The ARMADA 1500 PRO 4K will be a cornerstone technology for the necessary upgrade of millions of set-top boxes to add support for Ultra HD resolutions and HEVC formats. In addition, Marvell’s latest SoC integrates 12K DMIPs Quad Core ARM CPU for supporting the wide range of Smart TV services being rolled out in the living room to give consumers the ultimate multi-screen experience around the highest quality video.

It’s most critical feature, an enhanced award-winning Qdeo™ video processor capable of 3840x2160 (UHD) at 60 frames per second 10 bit HEVC Video Decode, will be the centerpiece of services that consumers will demand with the mass installment of 4K Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Marvell is delivering a strong portfolio of software development kits (SDKs) in the ARMADA 1500 Pro 4K platform including both Android and RDK.


  • 3840x2160 (UHD) at 60 frames per second 10 bit HEVC Video Decode: Decodes highest resolution video, a critical feature that consumers will demand with the mass installment of 4K TVs over the next several years.
  • Up to 12K DMIPs Quad Core ARM CPU: Allows operators to deploy rich media/web based TV applications and Android TV services for enhanced viewing experience.
  • Multi-core GPU, 8 shader Vivante GC3000: Enables a compelling UI and powerful GPU needed for gaming apps that service providers are now offering to subscribers.
  • Robust Security Engine: Security features include Trusted Rendering Path and full Trustzone integration, which ensures the protection of premium content on the Android platform and meets the strict standards of service operators and content partners


The ARMADA 1500 PRO 4K is  the ideal SoC platform solution for the next generation set-top box, enabling service operators to deploy new Ultra HD and Smart TV services.

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