Power Management

Marvell's power management technology delivers unprecedented gains for today's high-performance computing, communications, and consumer electronics equipment.

Digital signal processing (DSP) and control technology dramatically improve output precision, efficiency, and transient response. External components are eliminated or minimized in size, yielding the industry's smallest, lowest-height profile solutions. In addition to reducing system complexity and design, Marvell solutions free up more footprint space for system features and functions.

Marvell's smallest solution size and unparalleled efficiency enhance form factor and battery life in portable equipment, while keeping the entire system within power budgets and easing the burden on thermal designers.

Switching Regulators

Marvell leverages its innovative system design to provide efficient, high-performance, and cost-effective switching regulators that deliver unprecedented gains for today's high performance computing, communications and consumer electronics equipment.

  • DSP Switcher Integrated Regulators—Our DSP switching solutions are designed to provide efficiency, precision, and transient response together with small solution size to provide system designers with enhanced form factor and battery life in portable equipment.
  • Analog Switching Regulators—Marvell offers these low-cost, highly integrated power management solutions as single or multiple output devices, allowing for design flexibility. These solutions feature low quiescent current, high efficiency, high switching frequency, and integrated compensation circuits that reduce the external components, system board area, and cost.

PFC Power Supply Solution

With more power and functionality built into a smaller package, Marvell's DSP-based power factor correction (PFC) controllers enable energy-efficient, highly reliable solutions for notebook and desktop computer power supplies.

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Additional Information

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