Power Management ICs

For today's high-performance computing, communications, and consumer solutions

DC/DC Power Regulators

Marvell leverages its innovative system design to provide unprecedented high-efficient, high-performance, and cost-effective DC/DC regulators for low power state-of-the-art computing, communications, consumer and IoT platform solutions.

  • DSP Switcher® Integrated Regulators – Marvell DSP switching solutions are designed to provide efficiency, precision, and fast transient response to support small form factors and extend battery life.
  • Marvell offers low-cost, highly integrated power management solutions as single or multiple output devices for design flexibility. These solutions feature low quiescent current, high efficiency, high switching frequency and integrated compensation circuits that reduce the external components, increase the ease of use, and are ideal for low power IoT applications.
  • Compared to existing conventional regulators, Marvell dual phase synchronous regulators reduce up to 50% switching lost. They provide exceptional high-efficiency and high-performance power solutions to meet SoC requirements today and into the future.