Marvell Smart Mobile Wi-Fi Technology Helps Mobile Operators Generate New Data Revenues While Off-Loading Capacity

Consumer Benefits Include Expanded Wi-Fi Access, Improved Performance, and Enhanced Multimedia Enjoyment

Santa Clara, California (October 7, 2009) – arvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), a world leader in communications, consumer and storage silicon solutions, today announced its smart mobile Wi-Fi technologies for mobile operators. Embedded in smartphones, Marvell SmartTM Mobile Wi-Fi technology will enable mobile operators to generate new data revenues from applications and consumer devices without adversely impacting already overloaded cellular networks.

Marvell Smart Mobile Hotspot is a new technology that transforms mobile handsets into mini Wi-Fi access points where Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptops and MP3 players can share the mobile handsets' 3G connection to the Internet. With the explosion of Wi-Fi consumer devices like e-readers, netbooks, portable gaming machines and mobile devices, mobile operators' subscribers can benefit from the Smart Mobile Hotspot and enjoy Internet connectivity "on-the-go".

Marvell Smart Mobile Hotspot technology enables handsets to seamlessly roam to fixed hotspots at home or in public, relieving data capacity on congested 3G networks while maintaining rich user experiences. Marvell's unique Wi-Fi software architecture unburdens handsets' CPUs from roaming functions which minimizes battery drain. As a result, users can have faster Internet access with Wi-Fi, wherever and whenever it is available without affecting the battery life.

Marvell Smart P2P (peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi technology enables smartphones to communicate with each other without requiring access to the cellular network. This development brings the world of rich, multi-player gaming to mobile handsets where high-speed data, video, and graphics can be exchanged between two mobile applications at up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second) without overloading the data capacities of operator networks. In congested air spaces like airports, higher Wi-Fi speeds not only allow content-rich applications to run smoothly, but they markedly improve the performance of popular internet activities like tweeting, Facebooking and web-browsing.

Marvell Smart transmit-beamforming technology allows robust real-time streaming of audio/video content over Wi-Fi networks. This enables application developers to develop multi-player, multi-screen games that involve real-time video and 3D graphics content transfers between multiple handsets and TVs. Consumers are able to download and enjoy multimedia content on handsets while traveling on the road and play content back on a TV screen when at home.

"A few years ago, mobile operators were generally nervous and uncertain about the role of Wi-Fi as a complement to their commercial networks," said Scott Fox, chairman emeritus, GSM Association. "Many of us 'tinkered' with the usefulness of Wi-Fi, but frankly most were slow to seriously investigate and add Wi-Fi commercially to our networks. Over the past few years, this has changed. More recently, many operators have observed that Wi-Fi not only helps relieve congested cellular networks, but the infrastructure installed to support Wi-Fi has helped generate additional revenues."

"Marvell's low-power, high-performance family of silicon products provides rich features for consumers and business benefits for mobile operators," said Dr. Partho Mishra, Vice President and General Manager of Marvell's embedded and emerging business unit. "As Wi-Fi becomes more prevalent on smartphones, Marvell's technology helps reduce the cost of these products, while enhancing consumers' experiences. Marvell's chips combine and harness the power of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio in tiny, efficient silicon packages, and Marvell's standalone chips can be embedded in feature phones as readily as smartphones due to their low-power and size profile."

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