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The Marvell sales team is your source for selecting and developing innovative solutions that can proactively extend your product offerings and maximize your opportunities. We realize that you are chartered with continually demonstrating the value of the solutions you purchase and that you rely on your suppliers to assist you in delivering your next-generation products and services. This is why the Marvell sales team strives to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your business, allowing you to successfully anticipate and exploit the emerging technology trends in your marketplace.

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Data Communications Sales Offices - Spain

The following sales offices, distributors and sales representatives for Marvell data communications products are available in your geographic search location.

Sales Representative(s)

Avnet SILICA /Avnet Iberia S.A.U.

C/Chile, 10 - ofi c. 222 - Edifi cio Madrid 92
E-28290 Las Matas

Avnet Silica /Avnet Iberia S.A.U.

C/Mallorca, 1-23 / ofi c. 9a
E-08014 Barcelona

Avent Silica/Avnet Iberia S.A.U.

C/Duque de Wellington, 8. 1ª - Ofi cina 31
E-01011 Vitoria

Direct Sales Office(s)

Marvell Semiconductor

Ronda Narcis Monturiol y Estarriol 11-D
Parque Tecnologico
46980 Paterna