Increasingly, today’s connected products - such as mobile phones, medical devices, printers, batteries and automotive components - rely on advanced security mechanisms to verify system integrity.  Many of these devices, however, must still allow system users to securely replace components, accessories or consumable items.

The Marvell® PA800 consumable security chip (PA800) provides a complete, industry-leading solution to solve the challenges of robust system consumables security. The PA800 implements Cryptography Research’s (CRI) latest Consumable CryptoFirewall (CCF) technology for use in systems that require secure authentication and/or secure usage tracking for consumable items or accessories.


  • In the printer market, the PA800 can be installed or manufactured into the ink/toner cartridges.
  • Can be installed in various accessories in the mobile phone and tablet market, including batteries, battery chargers, and docking hubs.
  • Secures the communication between host system and consumable part
  • Can be quickly deployed into future or existing systems
  • Non-volatile secure storage of manufacturing data, security certificates, etc.
  • Simple to integrate into host system
  • Field-proven robust CryptoFirewall security protects against efforts to interfere in target operations
  • Consumable CryptoFirewall (CCF) technology works in conjunction with the Verifier CryptoFirewall (VCF) within the SoC to provide cryptographic confirmation of validity.
  • Flexibility is built-in for simplified user interface
  • Standard 8L 2X2mm DFN package

Block Diagram

PA800 Block DiagramFigure 1: Marvell PA800 Block Diagram


The PA800 can be used in multiple markets where systems enable users to replace consumable components, including mobile phones, tablets, printing cartridges, medical supplies, automotive and airplane parts, among others.  The PA800 is useful when a system’s value or potential liability is high and the system’s operation is dependent on the authenticity/correct operation of the consumable component(s) replaced by users.

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