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Our homes are becoming increasingly digital environments. Devices like tablets, smart phones, TVs, laptops, printers, home audio, and games consoles are governing the way consumers communicate, entertain themselves and manage content. Demand for access to these gadgets anytime from anywhere is growing every day. Whether it is for remote access to view pictures or home movies or to control home lighting and temperature, devices in the digital home not only need to be easily accessible, they need to be able to communicate with each other.

The problem is that there is no single unifying product on the market able to seamlessly connect all of these gadgets while maintaining the flexibility to link to future devices a consumer may purchase. While the tech savvy have gotten around this challenge by utilizing an always-on computer as a central communication hub, this is not a tenable solution. Not only does it take sophisticated technical knowledge to execute it, a PC consumes a lot of power when it is used as a 24/7 home server.

Marvell’s Home Server initiative solves this problem by enabling an affordable, low power platform with plug and play installation which connects home digital devices seamlessly and provides easy remote access.

Marvell’s total bundle solution – highly integrated SoCs, advanced 802.11n, WI-Fi, G.hn solution, Phy, power management, and switch – make it simple for OEMs to quickly design a system, resulting in faster time to market and reduced development cost. Marvell has also built a strong software ecosystem by enabling 3rd party software companies to develop consumer applications on Marvell Home Servers. The server's low power always on connectivity enables a new generation of remote cloud services including smart energy management, health monitoring and personalized entertainment.


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Key Benefits

  • Digital home connectivity is simplified
  • Lower power consumption
  • A monitored home has improved security and safety
  • A greener, smart energy solution


The Home Cloud is an ideal solution for the following applications:

  • Automatic media management across devices in the house
  • Remote monitoring of the home or small business office 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Constant access to medical data
  • Remote automation of the home environment and its power loads

Complete Solutions

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Marvell's customized solutions provide the highest levels of security, performance, and efficiency across the entire range of Home Cloud and Infrastructure.

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Marvell Debuts Smart Home Cloud Center

Marvell Debuts Smart Home Cloud Center

Home Cloud Products

Marvell offers total bundle solutions for enabling the home cloud including:


The ARMADA family of embedded processors employs advanced design methodology and process technology, delivering the best performance per watt to empower emerging cloud applications.


Marvell Wi-Fi products consume less power than the competition; effectively doubling battery life associated with Wi-Fi.


The Marvell G.hn transceiver family helps the connected home realize optimal network performance over any wired medium including powerline, coax, and phoneline/twisted pair.


Marvell provides integrated networking devices that are specifically designed for the digital home. Network attached storage, media centers, residential firewalls and more can be enabled by the Link Street family of switches.