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Ubiquitous, reliable, and easily accessible, our private cloud platform scales efficiently as your data traffic needs grow.

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Traditionally the enterprise network simply served the company campus. It was here employees worked and accessed corporate data behind a firewall. As workers are more mobile than ever and often accessing personal and business data from the same device on campus, in public or at home, this is no longer the case.

This evolving scenario doesn’t just bring network vulnerability to the forefront; it also highlights a need for scalability. Business mobility and global collaboration are becoming commonplace as the capability of mobile devices expands. As a result, many organizations are migrating to Private Clouds.

These next generation networks are decoupling campus connectivity from the data center. Flatter, secure and virtualized, the Private Cloud addresses mobile access challenges while preserving the user experience in an enterprise environment.

Marvell, an industry leader in storage, networking and embedded technologies, offers total solutions for building out private clouds to meet the unique needs of an organization.


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Key Benefits

  • A highly integrated services platform with increased density and bandwidth to scale as data traffic continues to grow.
  • Intelligent network access that provides flexibility for evolving standards and protocols, dynamically allocates capacity and resources, and offers a simplified deployment and maintenance model.
  • Low latency in the network preserves the seamless user experience.
  • Network virtualization that meets performance goals and reduces power consumption.


Marvell’s market-leading solutions for the private cloud are suitable for a wide range of applications including enterprise switches, routers, gateways, access points, and wireless routers.

Complete Solutions

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Marvell's customized solutions provide the highest levels of security, performance, and efficiency across the entire range of Private Cloud and Infrastructure.

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Private Cloud Products


Building on Marvell’s legacy of providing unique, best-in-class features, Alaska Ethernet PHY transceivers permit customers to expand their Ethernet applications.


The ARMADA family of embedded processors employs advanced design methodology and process technology, delivering the best performance per watt to empower emerging cloud applications.


Marvell’s market-leading Prestera CX, Prestera DX and Prestera EX ethernet packet processors are key building blocks for new enterprise network architectures.


A highly integrated 4x4 wireless local area network (WLAN) system-on-chip (SoC), the Avastar supports high throughput data rates for next generation WLAN products.


AVANTA SoCs include special power management modes that reduce power based on usage, and coupled with latest Alaska Gigabit PHYs support the EEE standard.