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Our powerful ARM-based architecture and integrated peripheral devices enable smaller, highly efficient infrastructures.

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Public Clouds are massive, profitable data centers run by search, social, media, and commercial websites like Amazon Web Services and Google. Movies, pictures, stream applications, and other big data that are accessed and shared here test server payloads and demand more compute capacity. Managing these bandwidth hungry files means higher energy utilization as well as higher power and performance CPUs which drives up operating costs.

Server virtualization has been a popular solution because of its ability to increase server and datacenter density without increasing the number of physical server deployments. But it adds an element of inefficiency because server virtualization techniques only result in up to 70% CPU utilization. But servers based on Marvell’s quad-core ARM-based SoC products deliver up to 95% CPU utilization and offer demand-based scaling as an alternative to server virtualization. This technique enables high efficiency low power server solutions for datacenters.


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Key Benefits

  • Offers a higher level of integration and efficiency by enabling up to 95% CPU utilization on each core.
  • Enables a smaller footprint, higher density, faster time to market solutions by integrating several peripheral devices to a single chip device.
  • Incorporates multiple USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, SATA, security engine and advanced power management techniques.
  • Sets a new technology benchmark for high-performance, low power, and integration.


The ARMADA XP SoC family is ideally suited for applications ranging from high-performance networking, wireless infrastructure and web servers to high volume products like NAS, home servers, laser printers and other embedded applications.

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Marvell's customized solutions provide the highest levels of security, performance, and efficiency across the entire range of Public Cloud and Infrastructure.

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Public Cloud Products


Building on Marvell’s legacy of providing unique, best-inclass features, Alaska Gigabit PHY transceivers permit customers to expand their Ethernet applications.


The ARMADA family of embedded processors employs advanced design methodology and process technology, delivering the best performance per watt to empower emerging cloud applications.


Marvell's market-leading, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Prestera DX and Prestera CX packet processors are key building blocks for new enterprise network architectures.


A highly integrated 4x4 wireless local area network (WLAN) system-on-chip (SoC), Avastar supports high throughput data rates for next generation WLAN products.