Classroom 3.0

The SMILE platform delivers a new era of cloud based interactive digital learning.

Helping Transform Education

The modern classroom will look nothing like a traditional one, there will be no textbooks, papers, pens and pencils, these items are slowly or already being replaced by laptops, e-readers, and tablets. Welcome to Classroom 3.0, a seamlessly connected and secure learning environment.

Marvell is helping to propel education into the 21st century with an innovative solution for both teachers and students. An integral component for creating Classroom 3.0, Marvell’s SMILE Plug is offering unprecedented access to secure digital content, a seamless delivery mechanism and a simple teacher interface to fully control the classroom.

"Marvell is driving a revolution in the classroom with technology that improves the education experience for students and teachers around the world. We are helping to transform learning from a static-one-way activity to an interactive experience brought to life with compelling content, engaging interactive multimedia and numerous ways to collaborate. This is the future of learning. And the future is now." Weili Dai, Co-founder, Marvell

Marvell Cloud Computer for SMILE

Marvell SMILE Plug

The SMILE Plug creates a micro-cloud in the classroom enabling safe and secure connectivity for up to 60 students. It also securely delivers digital content to a range of devices, including personal computers and handheld devices, enabling an interactive, collaborative and controlled learning environment that is simple for a teacher to control.

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2013 Global Mobile Awards Nominee

Award Winning

CES 2013 Innovation Award

The SMILE Plug was named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the NEW! Tech For A Better World category. Products entered in this prestigious program honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products.

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SMILE Consortium - Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment


SMILE Consortium Member

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Marvell is a founding member of the SMILE Consortium, an effort to cause a paradigm shift within education by enabling students to be active agents in their learning through an inquiry-based learning model.