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Marvell's SMILE Plug

Marvell Cloud Computer for SMILE

There’s no question that technology has been changing the dynamic of the traditional classroom for some time. But now it is also enabling access to education in both developed and developing countries, improving the way students learn and educators teach. Marvell is helping to propel this movement with the SMILE Plug.

Offering unprecedented access to secure digital content, a seamless delivery mechanism, and a simple teacher interface to fully control the classroom, the SMILE Plug is a Marvell ARM-based CPU with 1 GHz of Flash and DDR3 memory as well as Stanford’s Mobile Inquiry Based Learning Environment (SMILE). It provides plenty of processing power and resources to run any embedded computing application and has the ability to create a local Wi-Fi network for up to 60 students in one classroom with network connectivity via Gigabit Ethernet. Peripheral devices can be connected using USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi. A plug administration API and UI called Plugmin is also included for simple deployment and system management.

Award Winning

Marvell Cloud Computer for SMILE

This award-winning device --- the SMILE Plug is an international CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the NEW! Tech For A Better World category as well as a Global Mobile Awards Nominee. --- turns a traditional classroom into a highly interactive learning environment by engaging students in critical reasoning and problem solving while enabling them to generate, share, and evaluate multimedia-rich inquiries.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi support for 60 clients creates a classroom micro-cloud for up to 60 students powered by Marvell’s 4x4 wireless chip, the Avastar 88W8764
  • Easy Deployment and management means simple plug and device pairing for teachers
  • Optional rechargeable battery back-up, this is ideal for situations where the electrical power source is inconsistent
  • An open platform, which makes it ideal for developing or porting any additional learning applications
  • SMILE Server provides access to more open source SMILE learning applications
  • High-performance with low power ideal for always-on computing tasks driven by the Marvell ARMADA 370
  • Debug support via external debug board


The Marvell SMILE Plug is available through GlobalScale Technologies.

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Marvell is a founding member of the SMILE Consortium, an effort to cause a paradigm shift within education by enabling students to be active agents in their learning through an inquiry-based learning model.