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Addressing environmental challenges with low power technologies.

Smart Energy

As one of the world's largest fabless semiconductor companies with a proven track record of semiconductor innovations, Marvell is uniquely positioned to address some of the world's greatest environmental challenges through technology. By leveraging its expertise in integration and digital signal processing (DSP), Marvell has established a commitment to delivering and developing solutions that positively impact the environment.

Marvell's Smart Energy Platform

With Marvell's proven, innovative solutions for home energy management and savings, the "smart home" is no longer a future concept, but rather today's reality. It's estimated that tens of millions of households will adopt Smart Energy solutions within the next few years, gaining the ability to control their home from virtually anywhere. Marvell's comprehensive solutions include processors, connectivity, power management, and software, enabling the next-generation design of everything from smart appliances and thermostats to smart meters and Smart Energy gateways.

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Marvell's LED Lighting Architecture

Marvell's innovative lighting architecture enables superior, green LED lighting applications. These lighting products promise a significant reduction in the carbon footprint from traditional lighting. By utilizing a patented technology, Marvell's PFC controller enables more reliable and robust lighting systems. Marvell's PFC LED controller is designed to provide customers with the smallest package, the lowest system BOM cost, and the best power factor correction for LED applications, ensuring a cost-effective solution for the marketplace.

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Marvell's PFC Controller for Power Supplies

Marvell was the first to market with a digital power factor correction (PFC) controller for AC-DC power supplies. This unique DSP-based technology intelligently determines the required energy, dramatically improving energy efficiency with less energy "waste" for computer power supplies and consumer electronics applications. In addition, Marvell's PFC controller is highly integrated, displacing over 20 discrete parts for increased product reliability and lower cost and size. With over 10 billion AC-DC power supplies used in computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics worldwide, more efficient power supply designs could cut U.S. energy usage in half, saving nearly $3 billion and about 24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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88MC200 Microcontroller


Marvell's new Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller, the 88MC200, provides a highly cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-use hardware/software solution for building a new generation of connected smart appliances.

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Marvell Smart Energy Platform Solutions: Learn more about our comprehensive platform solution for Smart Energy appliances featuring the 88MC200 microcontroller.

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Manas Saksena, Sr. Director of Technology, Smart Energy Platform, discusses how effective management of peak energy demand holds considerable promise to improve efficiency and reliability and is a key driver for Smart Grid developments.

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