NVMe SSD Controller

Capable of PCIe 3.0 X 4 end points providing a 4GB/s interface to host

High performance PCIE SSD Controller (88SS1093)

88SS1093 Chip Shot

The 88SS1093 is our first NVM Express SSD controller capable of PCIe 3.0 X 4 end points providing a 4GB/s interface to host. While the new controller advances a solid-state storage system to a new fully Flash-optimized architecture and unleashes performance without limits, it also has 3rd-genaration Marvell LDPC technology for reliability enhancement, endurance boost and TLC NAND device support on top of MLC NAND.

The controller's NVMe (non-volatile memory) design has passed thorough in-house SSD validation and 3rd-party OS/platform compatibility testing ready to boost next-generation PC and Storage systems.

Key Benefits

  • New process and new advanced NAND controller design
  • 88SS1093's NVMe design provides fast Flash storage host control without bottleneck
  • Proven 3rd-gen LDPC technology secures NAND endurance and reliability


Extreme line client SSD and data center Flash storage


  • Fully hardware automated NVMe 1.1 support
    • Command overlay and out-of-order data return to deliver the full potential of NAND
    • Hardware automation on command fetch and status return
  • 15nm TLC/MLC/SLC and 3D NAND support with Marvell NANDEdge™ LDPC error correction control and management
  • Advanced Tri-core CPU architecture to support high performance requirements
  • SRIS capabilities to support SATA Express running PCIe 3.0 speed for the first time
  • Up to 2TB support
  • M.2/2.5 slim form factor support with thermal optimization and small package size
  • New low-power management(L1.2) design
  • Advanced 28nm CMOS process