The Marvell 88SS9187 Solid State Drive (SSD) Controller delivers 6 Gbps Serial ATA (SATA) performance with maximum flexibility, modularity, and low power-consumption. With a world-class architecture that supports an industry-standard, high-speed NAND Flash interface up to 200MB/s per channel, the 88SS9187 incorporates an advanced ECC scheme that exceeds the requirements of NAND flash memory vendors and provides hardware support to ease mixing of NAND flash devices. The 88SS9187 is the ideal solution for rapid development of high-performance Solid State Drive systems for mobile and enterprise applications.

Key Benefits

  • A high performance ECC engine with Adaptive Read and Write Scheme enables correction capability
  • On-chip RAID functionality allows use of the latest generation of NAND Flash devices
  • The industry’s lowest active and stand-by power consumption rates


  • Laptop applications
  • mSATA full- and half-size applications
  • Custom form factors in low profile apps
  • Cost effective enterprise applications such as caching solutions


  • Supports up to eight NAND Flash channels
  • Hardware support offloads firmware from low-level NAND handling and reduce interrupt handling
  • Auxiliary data insertion, extraction and comparison support
  • Advanced ECC scheme, exceeding the requirements from NAND Flash memory vendors
  • Metadata support with independent ECC support
  • Hardware support to ease mixing between two different NAND devices
  • Programmable drive strengths of IOs for different NAND Flash devices and different configurations
  • Programmable timing parameters to support difference NAND Flash devices
  • Supports four CEs per channel. Encoded mode allows up to 16x CEs per channel using external decoders

Product Documentation

Additional Information

Additional product information is available under NDA on the Marvell Extranet. If your company has an NDA with Marvell, please register here. If you do not have an NDA, please contact your Marvell sales representative.