ALASKA 88E2010/40

IEEE 802.3bz compliant with optimized 2.5G and 5G data rates for enterprise applications.

Alaska 88E2010/40 NBASE-T Ethernet Transceivers

The Marvell® Alaska® 88E2010/40 is a new family of Ethernet transceivers compliant with the NBASE-T Alliance specification for 2.5G and 5G data rate over Cat5e cables. Manufactured with 28nm process, the devices enable a lower cost, extremely low-power dissipation. The devices use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to enable the repurposing of low-cost Cat5e Ethernet cables for data rates as high as 5Gbps, supplanting the use of optical technology for applications such as 802.11ac Access Point backhaul, Switches, Servers, Workstations and high-end PCs. The devices support Category 6 (screened or unscreened), Category 6a (Augmented) and Category 7 type cables, as well as Category 5e type cables for distances up to 100m. The devices support a variety of host interfaces (2500BASE-X, 5000BASE-R, SGMII), as well as 10G host interfaces such as USXGMII interface and XFI/RXAUI with Rate-Matching. The transceiver family also features full-back-ward compatibility with lower-speed legacy Ethernet (1000/100/10Mbps) on the line side.

The Marvell Alaska 88E2010/40 supports the following standards and applications:

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) IEEE 802.3az for all supported data rates
  • Compliant with NBASE-T Alliance specifications for 2.5G and 5G modes
  • Integrated Marvell Virtual Cable Tester®(VCT®)technology
  • 100G-LR4 and SR4 optics
  • 802.11ac Access Point Backhaul
  • Enterprise Switches with 2.5G/5G capabilities
  • Servers, Workstations, and high-end PCs requiring high-speed connectivity

Alaska Products

Part Number Description Documentation
88E2010 1- port, 5-speed PHY operating at 10M, 100M, 1000M, 2.5G, 5G data rates on UTP copper lines Product Brief
88E2040L 4-port, 5-speed PHY operating at 10M, 100M, 1000M, 2.5G, 5G data rates on UTP copper lines  Product Brief


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