Avastar 88W8782

The Avastar 88W8782 is a highly integrated wireless local area network (WLAN) system-on-chip (SoC); specifically designed to support high throughput data rates for next-generation WLAN products. The Avastar family includes single-function and multi-function radios that establish new industry benchmarks for power consumption, wireless performance, solution footprint and advanced features.

The Avastar 88W8782 is designed to support IEEE 802.11a/g/b and 802.11n payload data rates. The device provides the combined functions of DSSS and OFDM baseband modulation, MAC, CPU, memory, host interfaces, and direct-conversion WLAN RF radio on a single integrated chip.

Key Features

  • Single-chip integration of 802.11 wireless radio, baseband, MAC, CPU, memory, host interface
  • CMOS and low-swing sine wave input clock
  • 12, 13, 19.2, 20, 24, 26, 38.4, 40, 44, and 52 MHz crystal clock support with auto-frequency detection if external sleep clock is available
  • Low power operation supporting deep sleep and standby modes
  • Power management with external sleep clock support for near zero deep sleep power
  • Option to power directly from battery or to use 3.3V/1.8V/1.2V pre-regulated supplies
  • One time programmable (OTP) memory to eliminate need for external EEPROM
  • Fully compatible with Marvell Power Management devices

Marvell Beamforming Technology

A specialized method of radio-frequency transmission used in Wi-Fi access points; beamforming enhances the signal reception at the client, extending the Wi-Fi signal coverage by two to four times. A feature of all Marvell Avastar SoCs, Marvell’s beamforming technology doesn’t require a special antenna nor will it incur any other cost increase of the wireless subsystem. The result is an increased throughput performance of up to 20x over existing technology, depending on the environment. Marvell’s beamforming also outperforms other digital signal processing techniques for range extension by at least six times.


  • Imaging platforms (printers, digital still cameras, digital picture frames)
  • Gaming platforms
  • Consumer electronic devices (TV, DVD players, Blu-ray players, etc.)
  • Cell phones and other mobile applications
  • eReaders

Product Documentation

Additional Information

Additional product information is available under NDA on the Marvell Extranet. If your company has an NDA with Marvell, please register here. If you do not have an NDA, please contact your Marvell sales representative.