Wireline Networking

Consumers are fueling the need for greater home network bandwidth requirements with their desire to seamlessly share applications across a growing number of digital and energy management devices. Wireline networking is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to meet this market demand, offering a comprehensive broadband solution that optimizes networking over existing power, coaxial cable, phone lines, and other wiring. Wireline’s advantages become even more clear and compelling when compared to the alternative of spending time and money wiring a home for Ethernet or deploying a wireless network that cannot provide the transmission speeds necessary for streaming digital video and other multimedia content.

Marvell’s extensive experience in wireline networking is proven in its robust, easy to set up solutions for use in homes around the world as well as its in-home manageability for service providers.



Taking the connected home into the next generation means an extreme power boost for power hungry applications. Marvell’s 1 Gbps ITU-T G.hn compliant chipset is an ideal solution for taking networks to the next level. Combining powerline, coax, and phone line/twisted pair in a single technology, the G.hn chipset offers data transmission rates of more than four times that of legacy systems, turning the home electrical grids into high-speed Internet and connected-device networks. Marvell G.hn transceiver delivers optimized home connectivity when embedded in broadband gateways and routers, HD IPTV and OTT Set Top Boxes, and any consumer electronic products that require Plug & Play networking capabilities at up to Gigabit speeds.

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UPA Powerline

Marvell’s UPA Powerline technology runs on any type of wire present in the home and, unlike wireless solutions, walls do not restrict its reach. The electrical wiring, coax, TV cable or phone lines in the home can be turned into a high speed network, allowing users to put a digital device anywhere and easily share information.

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Marvell is a board member of the HomeGrid Forum, a collaborative effort by leading companies in the multimedia networking industry supporting the deployment of ITU-T G.hn standardization.

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