Marvell's Customer Portal

One portal combining product documentation and software for all of Marvell’s processor, networking, security, and storage product lines.

Marvell's Documentation Portal

Welcome to Marvell’s integrated customer portal which consolidates all product information from the previous Marvell, Cavium, QLogic, Avera and Aquantia portals. Based on your NDA, you have access to all the same product documentation and software across all Marvell processor, networking, security, and storage product lines.

How to activate your account on the Marvell portal:

Aquantia Portal Users - All user accounts have been migrated to the Marvell Customer Portal. The system uses Okta to manage your credentials.

Existing Portal Users - Your credentials fall under the Marvell Customer Portal umbrella. If you had access to the legacy Aquantia Portal, that access has been migrated as well.

New to the Marvell Customer Portal? Register here to request access. Note that all users must have a current Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to access Marvell's documentation portal. Please work with your Marvell sales contact if you have questions regarding the NDA process.

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