Hardware for OCTEON Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

Evaluation boards and production hardware to speed development and time to market for OCTEON processor-based solutions

OCTEON Hardware

Marvell provides evaluation and production hardware solutions to speed development and time to market for OCTEON® processor-based solutions.

Key Features

  • OCTEON Evaluation Boards based on OCTEON processors and full memory and I/O subsystem
  • OCTEON Evaluation Motherboards based on OCTEON as host processor, southbridge, and extensive peripheral I/O
  • OCTEON XL Multi-Function Accelerator Boards: Production coprocessor and inline GbE NIC Boards for rapidly adding L4-L7 security and data services acceleration in security and storage systems

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Hardware Partners Program

View Hardware Partners building standard OCTEON boards for Enterprise, SME, SOHO, ATCA markets