OCTEON II CN6XXX Family of Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

1 to 2 cnMIPS64 v2 cores processors for  SMB and entry-level enterprise platforms for networking and storage including broadband gateways and WLAN access points

OCTEON II CN6XXX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

The OCTEON® II CN60XX family of Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors targets SMB and Entry level enterprise appliances for networking and storage, retail appliances, printers, enterprise access points and service provider gateway.

The family includes four software and pin-compatible processors, with 1 to 2 cnMIPS64 v2 cores, application acceleration engines for packet processing and storage, and innovative real-time PowerOptimizer™ features, HFA DPI, and Authentik™ anti-counterfeiting technologies. It includes the highest performance and largest number of connectivity in its class and SERDES I/O’s including PCIe Gen2, SGMII, RGMII.

The CN60XX processors, for its class of processors, provides the largest amount of cache and is the only processor to integrate HFA™ based regular expression engine for UTM/VPN/Firewall application CN60xx offers the largest amount of L2 cache (512k), largest number of Ethernet controllers, and v2 (5Gbps) PCI-e (3 x1) among other equivalent offerings.

Key Features

  • Next generation OII cores
  • Entry level control plane processor
  • Low power
  • Feature rich solution for satellite and broadband gateways
  • Supported by industry-standard software toolchains and operating systems
  • Fully software and pin compatible with the OCTEON II CN61XX 1 to 4 processors
  • Enabling scalability from 1 to 4 cores and 400MHz to 4.8Ghz with the same hardware and software design
  • Fully software compatible with the widely-adopted OCTEON Plus family, enabling straightforward software reuse

Block Diagram

OCTEON II CN60XX Block Diagram Security hardware acceleration

Device Options:
Device Speed Grade (400 = 400 MHz, 500 = 500 MHz, 600 = 600 MHz, 800 = 800 MHz)

Option code for device family:
AAP = Application Acceleration Processor: Includes RAID, encryption, RegEx acceleration, compression/decompression, networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS
CP = Communication Processor: Includes networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS

Product Comparison Chart

Device Description Documentation
CN6010 1, 1.8B, 512KB, 4 SGMII and 2 RGMII, 2 x1 PCI-e v2, 1x2 PCI-e v2, DDR3 Up to 1066 MHz, 1 x36-bit ECC, 868 HSBGA Product Brief
CN6020 2, 3.6B, 512KB, 4 SGMII and 2 RGMII, 2 x1 PCI-e v2, 1x2 PCI-e v2, DDR3 Up to 1066 MHz, 1 x36-bit ECC, 868 HSBGA Product Brief