OCTEON II CN60XX Family of Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

1 to 2 cnMIPS64 v2 cores processors for  SMB and entry-level enterprise platforms for networking and storage including broadband gateways and WLAN access points

OCTEON II CN60XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

The Marvell® OCTEON® II CN60XX family of multi-core MIPS64 processors targets SMB and entry-level enterprise appliances for networking and storage, retail appliances, printers, enterprise access points and service provider gateway. The family includes 4 software and pin-compatible processors, with 1 to 2 cnMIPS64 v2 cores, application acceleration engines for packet processing and storage, and innovative realtime PowerOptimizer™ features, HFA DPI, Authentik™ anti-counterfeiting technologies. It includes the highest performance and largest number of connectivity in its class based on the latest standards-based SERDES I/Os including PCIe Gen2, SGMII, RGMII.

Supported by industry-standard software toolchains and operating systems, the CN60XX is fully pin and software compatible with the OCTEON II CN61XX 1 to 4 processors, enabling scalability from 1 to 4 cores and 400MHz to 4.8Ghz with the same hardware and software design. OCTEON II family is fully software compatible with the widely-adopted OCTEON Plus family, enabling straightforward software reuse.

Key Features

  • HFA™ based regular expression engine for UTM/VPN/Firewall application 
  • 512K of L2 cache 
  • Largest number of Ethernet controllers
  • V2 (5Gbps)
  • PCI-e (3 x1) 
  • Next generation OII cores
  • Packet I/O processors and hardware application acceleration manager
  • Security acceleration engine integrated into the core offering a seamless SW experience without complicated off-loading schemes
  • Rich I/O Interfaces: DDR3, PCIe Gen2, eMMC, PCIe Gen2, 6 GbE • 2.5W to 4W max power and pow

Block Diagram

OCTEON II CN60XX Block Diagram Security hardware acceleration

Device Options:
Device Speed Grade (400 = 400 MHz, 500 = 500 MHz, 600 = 600 MHz, 800 = 800 MHz)

Option code for device family listed below:
AAP = Application Acceleration Processor: Includes RAID, encryption, RegEx acceleration, compression/decompression, networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS
CP = Communication Processor: Includes networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS

Product Comparison Page

Device Description Documentation
CN6010 1, 1.8B, 512KB, 4 SGMII and 2 RGMII, 2 x1 PCI-e v2, 1x2 PCI-e v2, DDR3 Up to 1066 MHz, 1 x36-bit ECC, 868 HSBGA Product Brief
CN6020 2, 3.6B, 512KB, 4 SGMII and 2 RGMII, 2 x1 PCI-e v2, 1x2 PCI-e v2, DDR3 Up to 1066 MHz, 1 x36-bit ECC, 868 HSBGA Product Brief


SMB class Next-generation integrated, standalone routers and appliances 

United Threat Management (UTM) appliances with Firewall, VPN (IPsec, SSL), IDS, IPS and anti-virus scanning

Control Plane and Services Processor for Line Cards in networking and storage

 Broadband and Service Provider Gateway