LiquidIOII Smart NICs

Smart NICs with network and security acceleration for cloud data center workloads

LiquidIO II Smart NICs

Network Appliance Smart NICs

The LiquidIO® 10G/25GbE Smart NIC family of intelligent adapters provides high performance industry-leading programmable server adapter solutions for various data center deployments. With applications in hyperscale data centers, hybrid public/private clouds, security VPN appliances, and telco NFV cloud environments, LiquidIO Smart NICs offload server-based networking functions from the main server CPUs directly onto the PCIe adapter, maximizing application line-rate performance, increasing the number of VM instances per core.  As a result the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced for next generation data center deployments. With two generations of Smart NICs in production, these adapters are offered with standard software packages supporting OVS offload, IPSec security/DDoS mitigation, and compression/decompression acceleration for virtualized servers, while enabling customers to customize the product for specific use cases.

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LiquidIO® Network Appliance Smart NICs: This 40GbE network appliance Smart NIC is a high end programmable network adapter that offers full TCP, DPI, security, and compression/decompression acceleration. LiquidIO Network Appliance Smart NIC is targeted for use in a wide variety of OEM networking, security, and storage appliances.
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Product Comparison Chart

Part Number Configuration Compute Cycle PCIe connector
CN7890-240NV Dual Port QSFP+ 40GbE cnMIPS 48 Cores @ 1.6GHz x8
CN2350-210SVPT-G Dual Port 10G Base-T cnMIPS 12 Cores @ 1.2GHz x8
CN2360-210SVPT-G Dual Port 10G Base-T cnMIPS 16 Cores @ 1.5GHz x8
CN2350-210SVPN-G Dual Port SFP+ 10GbE cnMIPS 12 Cores @ 1.2GHz x8
CN2360-210SVPN-G Dual Port SFP+ 10GbE cnMIPS 16 Cores @ 1.5GHz x8
CN2350-225SVPN-G Dual Port SFP28 25GbE cnMIPS 12 Cores @ 1.2GHz x8
CN2360-225SVPN-G Dual Port SFP28 25GbE cnMIPS 16 Cores @ 1.5GHz x8

Use Case

10G and 25GbE Smart NIC


  • Hyperscale data centers
  • Hybrid public/private clouds
  • Security VPN appliances
  • Telco NFV cloud environments