Smart Innovation

A complete hardware/software platform for building a new generation of connected smart appliances


The Wi-Fi Microcontroller Platform enables smart connectivity to a broad range of devices such as thermostats, air conditioners, appliances, lighting controls and other devices including:

  • Smart Home: smart outlet, light switch, security camera, thermostat, sprinkler controller, sensor door lock, door bell, garage door, security system
  • Industrial: building automation, smart lighting, Wi-Fi to other radio bridge, Point of Sale (POS) terminals
  • Smart Devices: coffee pot, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, air purifier
  • Smart Appliances: refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven range, microwave, dishwasher, water, heater, air conditioner
  • Smart Accessories: smart speakers, headset, alarm clock, gaming accessory, remote control
  • Gateways: Bluetooth Smart Mesh and other radio to Wi-Fi/IP network