ThunderX_ST Arm Processors

64-bit workload optimized Armv8 storage processors

ThunderX_ST Family

The ThunderX_ST™ family includes hardware accelerators for data protection/ integrity/security, user to user efficient data movement (RoCE) and compressed storage. With up to 48 highly efficient cores along with integrated vSoC, multiple SATAv3 controllers, 10/40 GbE & PCIe Gen3 ports, high memory bandwidth, dual socket coherency, and scalable fabric for east-west as well as north-south traffic connectivity, ThunderX_ST is optimized for Hadoop, block and object storage, distributed file storage and hot/warm/cold storage type workloads.

Key Features

  • Scales from 24 to 48 cores with up to 2.5GHz frequency
  • 78K-Icache, 32K-D cache per core,16 MB shared L2
  • Single and Dual socket support via CCPI™
  • Up to 4 DDR3/4 memory controller
  • Up to 1 TB of memory capacity in dual socket config
  • Multiple 10/40GE ports
  • Multiple independent SATAv3 interfaces
  • Multiple PCIe – x4, x8 controllers
  • End-to-End virtualization from I/O to core (virtSOC™)
  • Integrated accelerators for storage & analytics workloads
  • Integrated standard low latency Ethernet fabric
  • OpenFlow 1.3.1+ compliant
  • Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR), UEFI, ACPI support
  • SBSA compliant
  • Ubuntu V14.04 LTS and later
  • Red Hat Early Access for ARMv8
  • Fedora F20
  • OpenSUSEV13
  • External Baseband Management Controller (BMC)
  • Supports standard BMC interfaces & functions
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant


  • Storage Appliances: Block, Object and Distributed File Storage
  • NAS / SAN Storage Appliances
  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Distributed Databases