Industrial Solutions


Connect the factory floor despite the physically and electrically hostile environment that comes with an industrial setting. Keep that supply chain moving smoothly. Leverage big data to combat the ills of urban congestion. Rely on cost-effective surveillance solutions that will secure your business and allow remote management. Support secure sharing of patient data between smart connected devices on your healthcare network. Marvell has a complete portfolio of switches, PHYs, SoCs, wireless, networking, storage and connectivity solutions for industrial applications such as machine-to-machine communication, surveillance, smart manufacturing and cities as well as medical and healthcare.


Marvell Prestera DX and Prestera CX packet processors are key building blocks for robust industrial network architectures.

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PHYs Transceivers

Optimized for a range of port densities, Marvell PHY transceiver offerings are designed in collaboration with leaders in industrial automation and vetted for use in demanding industrial applications.

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Embedded Processors

Marvell enables an array of highly flexible, and scalable embedded processors for networking, storage, and high-computing applications.

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Wireless Connectivity

Marvell wireless processors deliver design flexibility, peak performance, and reliability expanding the network far outside the home and even enabling new commercial applications to extend data transmission or audio over very long distances.

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Storage Solutions

From power-efficient NVMe, SSD and HDD solutions to high-performance storage controllers and processors, Marvell has a full suite of flexible and unique storage solutions to target mission-critical applications, increase density and improve efficiency.

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Server Processors

Supported by a comprehensive software ecosystem, ranging from platform level systems management and firmware to commercial operating systems, development environments and applications, Marvell delivers competitive flexible server processors and solutions designed for mainstream cloud and high-performance compute deployments (HPC).

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Security Solutions

Marvell security solutions safeguard cloud and data center deployments with flexible, high-performance applications capable of delivering unmatched security performance, virtualization features, compression performance and very low power consumption in an easily deployable form-factor.

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