The Marvell community takes an active role in practicing sustainability and developing innovative, low-power technologies.


We all know global warming is a serious problem. Responsible companies are doing something about it, taking steps to reduce their energy use and shrink their carbon footprint. That's why we at Marvell are committed to advancing the development of sustainable technologies. And that's why we were recognized by Newsweek as one of the 500 greenest companies in the United States.

An innovative piece of our commitment to sustainability is the implementation of power factor correction (PFC) in consumer electronics worldwide. PFC is an underappreciated technology that tricks gadgets into using electrical current more efficiently. It was once expensive-and thus largely neglected by the electronics industry-but today it costs just pennies to implement and can deliver phenomenal power savings of up to 50 percent in a device. With billions of consumer devices on the market that translates to a possible annual reduction of 24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

At Marvell we believe it's critical to keep exploring innovative and sustainable solutions like PFC to improve efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect our planet.

Committed to Conservation

Another aim of our environmental commitment is to drive down total semiconductor power consumption by 15 percent per year. If the industry as a whole could accomplish that by 2020 the average device would use dramatically less power. A personal computer, for example, would use just 20 watts per hour, far less than the 200 watts consumed by today's average PC.

To set an example for others we've implemented an energy-saving program at our corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California, to substantially reduce our own energy consumption. Power-saving steps include: a computerized lighting control system that uses 60 percent less electricity than conventional lighting; fluorescent-bulb technology that produces 40 percent brighter light and consumes 30 percent less power; advanced electronic lighting ballasts that save 50 percent more energy than standard ballasts; and networked HVAC systems to maximize energy savings.

Leading the Way

Marvell is an active member of the U.S.-China Green Energy Council, a group that facilitates and sponsors high-impact green-energy initiatives by the U.S. and China. With this partnership, Marvell is helping to lead the way to a more sustainable future.

In our own day-to-day operation, Marvell is committed to promoting employee awareness at every level of our organization and to supporting pollution prevention and the use of sustainable resources in our products, services, and activities.