The Marvell community takes an active role in practicing sustainability and developing innovative, low-power technologies.


Green Recycle

As demand for and use of technology grows, so does the electronic waste that it generates. A responsible steward of the environment, Marvell is focused on the careful disposal of the electronic products we produce and distribute. Marvell actively supports the protection of the environment by efficiently repurposing and reselling its usable equipment and recycling only the electronic equipment that has reached the end of its lifecycle or is uneconomical to repair. At that point, it is deemed e-waste and recycled in accordance with all federal and state regulations.

Since the launch of our e-waste program in 2006, we've recycled more than 360,000 pounds.

State-of-the-Art Recycling

Our program is managed by New-Tec Circuit Sales, which is an EPA-approved recycler and an approved participant in the State of California's Covered Electronic Waste recycling program, established in 2005. New-Tec works in strict compliance with the California and federal Environmental Protection Agency standards for e-waste recycling, which covers all computer, manufacturing, and IT equipment.

Our partners in the electronics recycling industry have state-of-the-art processing facilities and ensure that all electronics-including monitors, computer PCs, servers, storage devices, network equipment, copiers, fax machines and handheld devices-are recycled in an environmentally safe way and are kept out of landfill sites.

Marvell adheres to the strict enforcement of recycling principles and is committed to the Basel Ban amendments, which mandate that hazardous electronic waste will not be incinerated, will not be placed into solid waste landfills, and will not be exported to developing countries.

Less Filling

Marvell has also been proactive in diverting waste from landfills. In 2009, we contracted FRG Waste Resources to oversee the management of our corporate recycling program and green initiative. FRG is a leading waste-diversion firm that ensures all recyclable materials are diverted safely and correctly, according to EPA and Department of Toxic Substances Control standards.

Within six months of the program's inception, Marvell increased its landfill diversion rate by more than 10 percent, diverting 256,309 pounds of recyclable material, including cardboard, compost, paper, cans and bottles, light bulbs, and batteries from landfills. Marvell’s diversion rate has climbed year after year as follows:

  • In calendar year 2009, Marvell’s diversion rate was in excess of 60 percent
  • In calendar year 2010, Marvell’s diversion rate was in excess of 65 percent
  • In calendar year 2011, Marvell’s diversion rate was in excess of 70 percent
  • In calendar year 2012, Marvell’s diversion rate was in excess of 75 percent
  • In calendar year 2013, Marvell’s diversion rate was in excess of 75 percent

Marvell determines its diversion rate by dividing the total amount recycled by the total amount of waste created. Marvell is committed to maintaining a diversion rate in excess of 70 percent in each calendar year.