Smart Energy

The Marvell community takes an active role in practicing sustainability and developing innovative, low-power technologies.

Smart Energy

Marvell applies its technology and expertise to help address some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges. The Company recognizes that everyone has a responsibility to save energy and reduce the world’s carbon footprint. As such, Marvell is committed to developing and implementing green technology both as a supplier and a user.

We recognize that as a leader in semiconductor innovations and as one of the world's largest fabless semiconductor companies, Marvell’s global market position allows us to address some the greatest environmental challenges through technology. By utilizing our experience and proficiency in integration and digital signal processing (DSP), Marvell has the unique market opportunity to deliver and develop solutions that positively impact the environment.

At Marvell we believe it's critical to keep exploring innovative and sustainable solutions like PFC to improve efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect our planet. As a member of Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a not-for-profit, green organization of eco-conscious consumers, businesses, and conservation organizations, Marvell has made a commitment to take an active part in advocating for and advancing the development of energy-saving green technology in the computing market.

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