Marvell Revolutionizes Edge Data Center Switching

New Marvell Prestera CX deploys cutting-edge SAFE and FASTER technologies at bandwidths up to 12.8 Tbps

Prestera 98CX8500 Data Center Switch

The Marvell® Prestera® 98CX8500 is a family of fully integrated Ethernet switch ASICs. The 12.8Tbps 98CX8500 includes 256 high-speed 56G PAM4 SerDes enabling 32 400G Ethernet MAC interfaces and key technology blocks that offer enhanced performance for upcoming composable infrastructure and edge data center deployments.

The new Prestera CX devices include Storage Aware Flow Engine (SAFE) technology which enables visibility into data center deployments that utilize HCI or composable infrastructure enabled by storage disaggregation platforms running NVMe-oF.  SAFE enables telemetry at the RDMA flow level enabling operators to pinpoint aggressor hosts or congested disks and guarantee service levels and fairness amongst hosts and storage resources across the network.

This Prestera CX device also includes Forwarding Architecture using Slices of Terabit Ethernet Routers (FASTER) technology that enables high radix systems to be built with end to end QoS at latency, power and cost at greater than 30% savings over standard Ethernet CLOS architectures. FASTER enables reduction of network layers for scale out deployments through its 1,000 port radix capability. The result is a system with high port radix enables a reduction of network layers providing huge savings in cost of network equipment, wiring and optics.

Combining the SAFE and FASTER technology, the newest Prestera CX family provides the ideal solution for the roll out of edge data center deployments where composable infrastructure provides the flexibility for adapting to the wide range of applications being deployed at the edge based on the 5G and IOT build out. With the edge data center network being collapsed into a single layer and the enhanced visibility of the storage flows in the network, the new Prestera CX enables the most efficient edge data center design with the highest performance, lowest latency and best ROI for the equipment deployed in these locations.

Key Features

  • Leverages stable 16nm high volume process node enabling quick time-to-market for customers
  • Storage Aware Flow Engine (SAFE)
  • Up to 8K queues with 3 level H-QoS and VoQ support for up to 1K ports
  • Dedicated hardware engines with programmability addressing the latest telemetry packet formats and monitoring data exporting methods (INT, iOAM, TAM, etc.)


  • Spine and leaf data center switches
  • Modular data center switch with centralized or distributed architecture using VoQs
  • Embedded switch designs in blade servers and ethernet storage arrays
  • Interconnect for high performance security and network monitoring systems
  • Enterprise network modular and fixed core solutions