Avastar 88W8897A

Featuring 802.11ac, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0

Beamforming Technology

From TV sets and gaming consoles to tablets and printers, today's connected home has at least 10 devices tapping into the structure's WLAN, and not all of them in spots with a strong wireless signal. In most homes for example, neither the access point nor the TV has flexibility in position. This challenge can be overcome through a technique called beamforming.

A specialized method of radio-frequency transmission used in Wi-Fi access points; beamforming enhances the signal reception at the client, extending the Wi-Fi signal coverage by two to four times.

Marvell is taking this technology one step further by pairing it with its Avastar™ 802.11n solutions to dramatically improve link robustness for clients. Marvell's beamforming technology doesn't require a special antenna nor will it incur any other cost increase of the wireless subsystem. The result is an increased throughput performance of up to 20x over existing technology, depending on the environment. Marvell's beamforming also outperforms other digital signal processing techniques for range extension by at least six times.

Key Features

  • No special antennae required nor is there any other cost increase of the wireless subsystem
  • Support for implicit beamforming from MIMO devices, which improves the performance of existing devices in the network, even if they themselves do not implement beamforming
  • A greater than 10dB of perceivable gain in over-the-air tests in home and enterprise environments
  • Outperforms other digital signal processing techniques for range extension like LDPC by at least six times