TD-SCDMA Leadership

Marvell's single chip solution drives adoption of China's TD standard.

PXA920/920H Communication Processor

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With the explosive deployment of the TD-SCDMA cellular standard in China, the demand for full-feature, mass market smartphones is following suit. To address this growing need Marvell offers the PXA920 family, an advanced, highly integrated 3G platform with TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE communication support designed for multimedia-centric handsets.

Combining an advanced, high-performance, low-power Marvell application processor with Marvell's proven 3G technology, the PXA920 family of communications processors enables high-performance web browsing, streaming video, 3D gaming, and other popular mobile phone features. With support for Linux/Android, and other major mobile operating systems, the PXA920 family is designed to deliver high-quality, thin-and-light smartphones at attractive price points.

Marvell stole a march on rivals for the Chinese handset market three years ago... Now it is enjoying some of the fruits of its head start in Chinese 3G...[Marvell's] PXA920 chipset integrates an app processor and baseband and is the first single chip offering for the Chinese 3G standard. Rethink Wireless

Key Benefits

  • The industry's first single-chip TD-SCDMA solutions, featuring a modem with dedicated RISC and DSP cores, and an application processor with ARMv5 core supporting up to 1.0 GHz.
  • A fully integrated cellular platform solution: Integrated 3G modem and protocol stacks are compliant with the world's leading carrier requirements. 3G/WLAN/BT coexistence enables support for IMS, VoIP, and other advanced carrier services.
  • Comprehensive multimedia features, including video capture and HD 720p video playback, high-performance 3D graphics processing, and low-power audio playback.

PXA 920 Block Diagram

Block Diagram Figure 1: Marvell PXA920H Smartphone Platform.

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Marvell's Kinoma open-source software platform is an elegant and flexible foundation for today's smartphones. With Kinoma, developers can focus on creating innovative, personalized applications that tap into the full power of the underlying hardware.

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