High-performance HD media processor powers new Google TV platform.


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ARMADA 1500 DTV Software Architecture
Expectations are high for the next-generation home entertainment system. Consumers want to access various types of content—Web-based and broadcast or cable TV—in HD from the comfort of their home. Sales of Smart TVs—featuring internet connectivity—are rapidly increasing, as is the sophistication and breadth of applications that require more robust devices with more processing power. Whether streaming 3D video, playing a networked game, or connecting with friends via social networks, the demand for consistent performance, seamless connectivity, and a personalized experience on an HD TV is growing.


"The next-generation of smart TVs require superior processing capabilities while still respecting bill-of-materials-costs and other factors such as the form factor and quieter performance. The ability of the apps developer community to more easily create and distribute applications across platforms will also become a critical differentiator. Marvell's ARMADA 1500 is among the next generation of smart TV SoCs that will help expand this exciting market." Kurt Scherf, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Parks Associates

Leveraging our longstanding expertise in system-on-chip design, Marvell developed the ARMADA 1500 all-in-one HD media processor. Featuring a superscalar dual-core CPU, with more than 6000 Dhrystone MIPS of computing horsepower, the ARMADA 1500 is able to deliver the full spectrum of rich multimedia entertainment on a single-chip architecture, making it the ideal processor to power tomorrow’s “smart” entertainment center.

Key Features:

Marvell 88DE3100 SoC
  • Marvell’s highest performing ARM v7-compatible PJ4B SMP superscalar dual-core CPU: Powerful PC-like processing can drive devices at the core of the home entertainment center, with the ability to power robust Web apps, superior-quality Web browsing, and HD streaming.
  • Award-winning Qdeo video processing technology with support for 3DTV: Delivers consistently high-quality, full HD video despite the source and enables compelling, interactive user interfaces.
  • Highly integrated, cost-effective solution: The small form factor, fan-less chip design enables slimmer, more power-efficient devices, and delivers best-in-class features at mass-market price points.

Google TV Platform

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The ARMADA 1500 is the central hardware component of the Google TV 2.0 platform. With its high-performance superscalar dual-core CPU, the ARMADA 1500 is capable of powering search engines, rendering streaming video from HD and SD sources, as well as enabling a seamless user interface with the 3D graphics Qdeo processing engine. Its unique chip architecture gives users the power to access broadcast TV and Web content from a single device.

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The ARMADA 1500 provides a high-performance and cost-efficient solution for networked DTV platforms, Blu-ray players, digital media adapters (DMA), and HD set-top boxes.

Software & Standards

Marvell offers a comprehensive suite of design tools for customers, including reference designs, software tools, and standards compliance.

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ARMADA 1500 Wins Stevie Award

People's Choice Award

ARMADA 1500 received a coveted Stevie Award for Best Semiconductor/Electronic Component Product of the Year.

Google and Marvell Team Up

Weili Dai on CNBC Power Lunch

Marvell Technology replaces Intel as Google's lead chip provider for its TVs. Weili Dai, Marvell Technology co-founder, discusses on CNBC's Power Lunch.

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Marvell Google TV Reference Platform: Based on Google TV, the reference design includes Marvell’s ARMADA HD media processor SoC, TV tuner, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity chip.

Reference Designs

Marvell provides our customers with comprehensive ARMADA 1500 reference designs for Blu-ray players, DMPs, and DTVs. Contact your local Marvell sales representative for details.