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Marvell Extends Leadership in Enabling Ultra-Broadband Access Networks with the Launch of VectorBoost Technology for Platforms

Marvell's powered platforms for multi-line MDU topologies unveil cloud-based solution for Elastic Capacity Provisioning to deliver faster than gigabit data rates

Barcelona and Santa Clara, California (February 22, 2016) – Marvell (NASDAQ:MRVL), a world leader in storage, cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity and multimedia semiconductor solutions, today unveiled its new cloud-based VectorBoost™ technology to complement its™ platforms, offering Elastic Capacity Provisioning, increased peak capacity and virtualization of the Broadband Access Network. The new technology currently is available to Marvell’s global customers. platforms are complete Broadband Access Systems based on ITU-T standard compliant Marvell’s silicon. The platforms extend the ultra-broadband access from the fiber cabinet to users’ homes, by taking advantage of the existing copper wiring infrastructure (Twisted Pair or Coaxial Cable) for the last mile to offer significant end-to-end cost savings to operators around the world. Using advanced algorithm for crosstalk mitigation, Marvell’s ultra-broadband platforms are designed for multiple telephone line MDU topologies.

The new VectorBoost technology improves the throughput of lines by allocating network resources in real time according to the current needs of traffic, overcoming the throughput limit imposed by the lines’ crosstalk and providing the users with much higher peak capacity just when they need it. The VectorBoost Compute Engine (VBCE) can run locally inside the GAM (multi-port Access Multiplexer) or in the cloud, leveraging additional computing power and ensuring scalability for high density deployments.

“With platforms, copper wires transfer all the capacity of optical backbones directly to each home enabling much faster speeds. Copper is no longer a bottleneck for performance as is the case with legacy DSL,” said Philip Poulidis, Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things, Automotive and Multimedia Business Units at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “ is able to achieve significantly higher peak performance than any other copper-based broadband access technology, without the added cost, complexity and power of non-cloud-based solutions.”

“KT has selected Marvell to be the pioneer in enabling its GIGAwire technology,” said Dr. Dongmyun Lee, Executive Vice President at KT's Institute of Convergence Technology. “Powered by silicon, platforms have ensured a multivendor interoperable environment for KT deployments and now they raise the quality of our service to utmost values by providing increased Peak Capacity up to 1.5 Gbps thanks to the VectorBoost feature. VectorBoost automatically adjusts parameters of each line to match its instantaneous capacity to the traffic demands of each KT service user.”

KT Corporation, the No. 1 wireline telco in Korea by market share with 20 million telephony subscribers, selected Marvell’s technology in 2014 to enhance broadband access in multi-dwelling unit buildings over KT's existing copper infrastructure. With over two years of commercial deployments in Korea, technology has proven to be easier to deploy and offers superior performance with substantial CAPEX savings when compared to traditional FTTH alternatives.

Key Features of Marvell’s VectorBoost Technology to complement its Platforms Include:

Elastic Capacity Provisioning:

  • Instantaneous Capacity adapts to real-time traffic usage
  • Innovative tracking of channel parameters (HLOG, XLOG and QLN) enables real-time crosstalk management
  • Discontinuous Operation reduces power consumption

Increased Peak Capacity:

  • Crosstalk elimination increases Peak Capacity up to 1.5 Gbps
  • Upstream capacity dynamically increased when needed

Virtualization of the Broadband Access Network:

  • Supports Cloud-based Algorithms for Elastic Capacity Provisioning
  • Enables instantaneous update of traffic management policies
  • GAMs hardware remains simple and fit for RPF (Reversed Power Feeding)

Marvell’s technology with VectorBoost will be showcased at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Feb. 22-25, 2016, at Fira Gran Via Barcelona, CC8 Executive Meeting Room 8.23 in the Hall 8.1.

KT’s GIGAWire Broadband Live Service will be showcased using Marvell’s VectorBoost technology at Mobile World Congress in stand 3A11 and stand 3A5MR in Hall 3 in Barcelona City.

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