Marvell - Cloud-optimized silicon for data infrastructure that keeps the world running

Cloud-optimized silicon for data infrastructure that keeps the world running

At Marvell, we believe that infrastructure powers progress. That execution is as essential as innovation. That better collaboration builds better technology.

Progress takes many forms. Sometimes, progress is the breakthrough solution that helps the world leap forward. Other times, progress is the result of unforeseen obstacles that make us pause and think about what we need to do differently in order to do things right. Focused and determined, we unite behind your goals as our own. As more of the world’s data flows through the cloud, we recognize that each cloud is unique and leverage our unrivaled portfolio of data infrastructure semiconductor technology to optimize the best solution for your needs. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to build it. Agile in our thinking, and our partnerships, we look for unexpected connections that deliver a competitive edge and reveal new opportunities. At Marvell, we’re driven by the belief that how we do things matters just as much as what we do.

That’s why, at Marvell, we go all in with you. Because, with a foundation built on partnership, anything is possible.

Matt Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer

We’re driven by the belief that how we do things matters just as much as what we do – that execution is as essential as innovation, and that’s the experience I want our customers to have in working with Marvell.

Meet Our Leaders
Powering Partnerships for 25 years

To deliver the data infrastructure technology that connects the world, we’re building solutions on the most powerful foundation: our partnerships with our customers. Trusted by the world’s leading technology companies for over 25 years, we move, store, process and secure the world’s data with semiconductor solutions designed for our customers’ current needs and future ambitions. Through a process of deep collaboration and transparency, we’re ultimately changing the way tomorrow’s enterprise, cloud, automotive, and carrier architectures transform—for the better.

Our brand is real and representative of the journey we’ve been on together and represents one team – the new Marvell.

What you can expect from Marvell

Reliable results: we deliver what we promise; know what to expect so you can prioritize what’s next
Superior performance: we believe that dynamic perspectives create the smartest path; cross-functional collaboration leads to greater consistency and higher velocity
Nimble dexterity: we listen, learn and adapt; our thoroughness and flexibility cuts delays and quality issues
Rigorous execution: we work shoulder-to-shoulder to lead the charge; aligned teams work smarter to get the job done right every time

A Culture of Collaboration

Marvell Careers
Marvell Careers
Marvell Careers

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