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Custom ASICs

Pushing the boundaries of AI with advanced silicon technologies and custom multi-chip systems       

Custom, cloud-optimized data infrastructure ASIC designs incorporating cutting-edge IP, multi-chip packaging and the industry's most advanced process technologies.

With decades of experience, advanced technologies and flexible business models, Marvell optimizes custom ASIC designs for the unique demands of each AI, cloud data center and OEM customer. Our differentiated approach leverages a portfolio of world-class 5nm and 3nm data infrastructure intellectual property (IP) that includes industry-leading 112G XSR SerDes (serializer/de-serializer), Long Reach SerDes, PCIe Gen 6 / CXL 3.0 SerDes, a 240 Tbps parallel die-to-die interconnect, the latest Arm SoC processor subsystems and low cost/complexity packaging.

Custom ASICs

Marvell’s custom ASIC offering specializes in addressing the complex, high-speed, high-performance silicon requirements of next generation 5G carriers, cloud data centers, enterprises, and automotive applications. Our broad and growing portfolio of IP at advanced process nodes, now including 3nm, spanning compute, embedded memories, high-speed SerDes, networking, security and storage, accelerates time to market and is optimized for performance, power and area, enabling optimal returns on investments.

Marvell’s global custom ASIC team has delivered over two thousand customized ASICs over the last 25 years and is committed to delivering the following critical technology and IP areas for the next generation of ASIC solutions.

  • Supports leading-edge silicon processes at 14nm, 7nm, 5nm, and now TSMC’s most advanced node, 3nm
  • Comprehensive low-power design and test methodologies
  • High-density optimized embedded memories
  • Low power, flexible and interoperable chip-to-chip interfaces for chiplet solutions
  • High-speed, multi-protocol, mixed-signal SERDES IP ranging from 1Gbps to beyond 112Gbps supporting short to long reaches across Ethernet, PCIe, SAS, SATA and many emerging protocol and interface standards 
  • Industry-leading Arm system-on-chip (SoC) processor subsystems


Industry-leading product portfolio delivering best-in-class power and performance for multi-chip solutions targeting 5G carrier, cloud data center, enterprise networking and automotive applications.


Broad standards-based IP portfolio and advanced packaging solutions for multi-chip solutions targeting 5G carrier, cloud data center, enterprise networking and automotive applications.


Broad portfolio addressing emerging data infrastructure applications.


Industry-hardened technology solutions meeting the demands of high-volume data infrastructure applications.


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