Marvell Ethernet Adapters and Controllers

Ethernet Network Adapters and Controllers

Boosting server and edge connectivity with workload acceleration, multi-protocol NICs

Ethernet Network Adapters and Controllers

Marvell FastLinQ® Ethernet network adapters and controllers are purpose-built to accelerate and simplify data center, PC and workstation networking. The FastLinQ adapter family provides exceptional value features, cost and performance, enabling the most agile and data-intensive applications.

Explore FastLinQ Ethernet Connectivity

Future Proof Networking

Marvell FastLinQ Ethernet controllers deliver Ethernet connectivity speeds ranging from mGig for workstations and 5G CPEs to data center-class 10/25/50/100GbE for high-performance, software-defined data centers. The Marvell FastLinQ Ethernet products are available from leading server, telco and workstation equipment manufacturers worldwide.

FastLinQ Server NICs

Marvell FastLinQ 10/25/40/50/100GbE Ethernet NICs optimize server hardware utilization by scaling high-density virtualization and increase data center IT agility and scalability by enabling an efficient deployment of a secure multi-tenant cloud.

  • Industry’s latest 25GbE connectivity for leading price per performance versus 10GbE
  • Universal RDMA with support for RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), RoCE v2 and Internet wide area RDMA protocol (iWARP)
  • Adaptive link controls for seamless zero-touch interoperability using FastLinQ SmartAN™ technology
  • Advanced server virtualization features such as NPAR, SR-IOV, GRO, VMMQ, RSSv2
  • Secure firmware updates leveraging root of trust

10/25GbE, PCIe 3.0, Universal RDMA, SmartAN, NVMe-oF, Storage Offloads

40/50/100GbE PCIe 3.0, RDMA, SmartAN, NVMe-oF, Storage Offloads

FastLinQ Server Controllers

Marvell FastLinQ 10/25/40/50/100GbE Ethernet controllers for embedded applications are purpose built for optimizing server and storage array connectivity.  They boast industry-leading L2, NVMe-oF, fully offload FCoE and iSCSI performance—achieving high throughput at extremely low CPU utilization.

  • Quad port 10/25GbE applications
  • Dual port 50GbE and Single Port 100GbE Applications
  • Secure firmware update process with private/public key encryption technology prevents hackers from altering adapter
  • Low-power, single-chip solution
  • Universal RDMA, RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP
  • VXLAN, NVGRE, GRE, and GENEVE tunneling offloads

Up to 4x 10/25GbE, PCIe 3.0 x8, Universal RDMA, SmartAN, NVMe-oF, Storage Offloads

Up to 4x 10/25GbE, PCIe 3.0 x8, Universal RDMA, SmartAN, NVMe-oF, Storage Offloads

Up to 4x 10/25GbE, PCIe 3.0 x8, Universal RDMA, SmartAN, NVMe-oF, Storage Offloads

Scalable mGig NICs and SFP+ Modules

Marvell Scalable mGig Network Interface Cards (NICs) are based on the award-winning Aquantia AQtion Ethernet controllers. These products deliver mGig connectivity of up to 10GbE for PCs and professional workstations – a level of network performance that was previously only available in servers. These add-in boards are ideally suited for high-performance systems for enterprise applications, cloud gaming, carrier networking, industrial and a variety of data-intensive use cases.

  • 10Gb Copper (RJ45) as well as SFP+ Ethernet NICs
  • Most efficient 10GbE NICs for easy upgrade of existing systems
  • Broad Windows, Linux, DPDK, VMware and Mac OS driver support
  • SFP+ Copper modules to convert SFP+ port into 10Gb or Multi-Gig Copper (RJ45) port

PCIe 3.0 x4 mGig 10Gbps Ethernet adapter

PCIe 3.0 x1 mGig 5Gbps Ethernet adapter

PCIe 3.0 x4 SFP+ 10Gbps Ethernet adapter

10GBASE-T/mGig Copper SFP+ Module

Scalable mGig Controllers

Scalable mGig Controllers based on Aquantia AQtion architecture are the most efficient PCI Express Ethernet controllers that offer network speeds greater than 1Gbps. These mGig and 10GbE products are suitable for a variety of performance platforms. Common applications include LAN on motherboard in workstation and desktop platforms, 5G and other carrier CPEs, network attached storage, docking stations and other performance platforms. Scalable mGig controllers incorporate industry-proven AQrate PHY technology which enables the delivery of mGig Ethernet over copper cabling. They are compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard and are backward-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet.

  • Single-port integrated PCIe, MAC, and PHY solutions
  • Power-efficient, space-efficient and pin-compatible 10Gb, 5Gb and 2.5Gb Ethernet controllers
  • PCIe Gen3 and Gen2 interface with x1/x2/x4 lane-widths delivering maximum flexibility
  • Hardware root of trust and MACsec capabilities for security sensitive applications
  • IEEE® 802.3bz compliant with 10GBASE-T/5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX support
  • Energy-efficient Ethernet, Wake On LAN, and power management features

Single-port 5-speed, 10Gbps PCIe x4 Gen3/Gen2 to mGig Ethernet controller with MACsec

Single-port, 4-speed, 5Gbps PCIe x1 Gen3/Gen2 to mGig Ethernet controller with MACsec

Single-port, 4-speed, 5Gbps PCIe x1 Gen3/Gen2 to mGig Ethernet controller

Single-port, 3-speed, 2.5Gbps PCIe x1 Gen3/Gen2 to mGig Ethernet controller

Single-port, PCIe x4 Gen3/Gen2 to 10GbE SFP+/XFI controller

Single-port 6 speed, 10Gbps PCIe to Multi-Gig Ethernet controller with Industrial temperature support

Marvell - Dell Partnership

Marvell offers Dell Technologies and its customers a broad portfolio of storage and converged infrastructure solutions

Marvell - HPE Partnership

Marvell is a leading provider to HPE for Fibre Channel, Enterprise Ethernet adapters for HPE Servers, Ethernet Switch technology and Target adapters for HPE storage

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