Marvell ASIC Government Solutions

Marvell Government Solutions (MGS)

Designing secure custom ASICs meeting CUI, ITAR and Trust

Custom ASICs for aerospace and defense

Marvell Government Solutions (MGS), an independent subsidiary of Marvell Technology, delivers custom ASIC design and development to the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industries. MGS is a FOCI-mitigated company operating under a Special Security Agreement (SSA).

Marvell Government Solutions (MGS)

MGS has more than 20 years of deep expertise in delivering ASIC solutions to the A&D industry across multiple technology nodes. We offer a wide range of flexible solutions and services from Register Transfer Language (RTL) design to tested hardware, advanced packaging (including MCM’s and 2.5D) and full turnkey services.

As a fabless semiconductor provider, we work with multiple foundries including on-shore, US-based sources to meet customer requirements. Our leading-edge technology portfolio supports Zero Trust requirements by delivering ‘root of trust’ through novel IP supplemented with secure oversite developed in 14nm, 7nm, 5nm and emerging semiconductor processes. Our secure air-gapped design and test environment coupled with secure flow supports classification levels CUI, ITAR and Trust.

We offer an expanded IP portfolio by leveraging Marvell Semiconductor’s differentiated solutions in compute storage, networking and security to augment its services to A&D customers. MGS can integrate 3rd party IP and obfuscated sensitive IP in addition to its existing portfolio.

MGS is uniquely positioned to provide leading edge differentiated technology with both root of trust and secure oversite.

Custom ASICs - Optimizing data infrastructure

MGS Secure Custom ASIC Products

Marvell's MGS Secure Custom ASIC Products offer a best-in-class portfolio of data infrastructure intellectual property (IP) and a wide-array of flexible business models.



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