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Marvell Government Solutions (MGS)

Secure access to the commercial leading edge

Custom ASICs for aerospace and defense

Marvell Government Solutions (MGS), a DMEA-accredited subsidiary of Marvell Technology, Inc., delivers advanced solutions for aerospace and defense (A&D). MGS is a bridge for the defense industrial base to access commercial leading-edge technologies and expertise across multiple layers of security. MGS collaborates with customers to create custom silicon, offer commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) standard products, deliver innovative packaging solutions, and provide access to vetted internally-developed and third-party IP.

Custom Solutions Optimized for Performance


MGS has more than 20 years of expertise delivering custom A&D solutions across multiple technology nodes. MGS offers a wide range of solutions and services, including register transfer language (RTL) physical design, wafer and module test, advanced packaging (including MCMs and 2.5D / 3D), IP development, and full turnkey services.

The leading-edge technology portfolio supports Zero Trust requirements by delivering ‘root of trust’ through novel IP supplemented with secure oversight across multiple technologies and emerging semiconductor processes. MGS design flow – featuring multiple layers of hardware security for design, test, and manufacturing – supports classification levels including CUI, ITAR, and Trust.

Standard Products Ready for Deployment


Marvell offers a complete portfolio of data infrastructure standard products available off-the-shelf, including:

  • Ethernet switches and high-speed PHYs
  • Optical PAM4 and coherent DSPs
  • Data processing units (DPUs) and SmartNICs
  • Silicon photonics
  • No-compromise 5G Open vRAN
  • SSD & HDD controllers and NVMe accelerators
  • Pluggable coherent optical data center interconnect (DCI) modules
  • Cloud hardware security modules (HSMs)

Using heterogeneous design, MGS can combine trusted programmable components and customer-developed IP with standard products and built-in security to create optimized chip solutions to answer the unique needs of the networked military.

Business Models for Every Need


With multiple business models available – COTS, custom, or integrated – MGS can provide the right solution for the needs of government programs at the right schedule, cost, and performance. As a fabless semiconductor provider, Marvell has deep relationships with multiple suppliers – fabricators and post-fab companies, on-shore and off-shore – to provide supply resiliency and end-to-end supply chain management at scale.

The combination of design experience, leading-edge IP, standard products portfolio, and supply chain management enables MGS to answer the mission-critical needs of the A&D industry.


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